Review: Max & More Tattoobrow

Every once in a while, Max&More comes out with a new product and I always just have to try it. In this case, they launched a new brow product: the Tattoobrow. This is supposed to colour your brows and last for two to three days. That means you only have to do your brows every other day, and look good everyday. Of course I was curious about this, so I tried it out. Today I’m giving you all the deets about this possible wonderproduct. Let’s get into it!

The packaging of the tattoobrow is similar to every other Max&More product. It’s simple, but everything fits together. And for such a budget brand you can’t expect the world. It may look a bit cheap, but it still looks cute. Just to clarify, I chose the Tattoobrow in the shade 228 Dark Brown. It is available in two other shades, a blonde and a medium brown.

You apply this product using the brush in the lid. This is just a simple, synthetic hair brush. It reminds me a lot of those paintbrushes you use when you’re like four and it’s the first time you get to paint something without using your fingers. Not necessarily the highest quality brush, but it is very movable and easy to apply the product with.

My bare brows before applying any makeup
With the Tattoobrow applied
The result after 15 minutes

The way to use this product is to apply it, leave it for 20 minutes or longer until it has dried, and then peel it off. The first time I used it I waited about half an hour, just to make sure it was working. And yes, it worked. It was way too dark for my liking, so the next time I didn’t leave it on for that long. Like fifteen to twenty minutes. After peeling it off, it looked exactly like when I colour in my eyebrows using my trusty black eyeshadow. It works quick, and it gives a lot of pigment. If you want, you could even leave it on up to two hours and have the darkest brows you wish to have. However, that’s not my style so I’m not doing that. Now you’re probably wondering why I chose the darkest shade of the Tattoobrow, but I don’t like dark brows. Well, my eyebrow hairs are very grey/black and don’t have a red tone at all. Most lighter brown and blonde eyebrow products have a very red undertone, so I can’t use those. This dark brown shade is the perfect tone for my eyebrow colour, it’s just very dark if you use it longer. So I just don’t do that.

For durability, the first time it did hold pretty long. I had applied it for thirty minutes and it stayed put for two days, and the third day it was still kind of there but just faded. When I applied it the second time, a lot shorter this time, it didn’t stay as long. But I also wore lots of makeup that day and took off all my makeup in the evening, and that rubbed off a lot of this Tattoobrow as well. So it stayed put the entire day and the next day it looked faded.

I think this product is great for days when you don’t feel like wearing makeup. When I don’t have much time in the morning, I do like to do at least my brows since they change my face so much. When my brows are coloured in, I look like I’m awake in stead of looking like I haven’t slept in a week. So this is nice to apply in the evening, for example, and then have two days afterwards of good looking brows, without having to do anything. However, if you’re gonna take off makeup you might take off this Tattoobrow as well, so it maybe isn’t as great for days when you actually wear a lot of makeup. But I feel like when you decide to do your makeup, you’re gonna do your eyebrows anyway so then this product doesn’t add anything more than your usual brow products. It’s just great for days when you don’t feel like doing makeup, but you still want to look awake.

In conclusion, it’s a great product for lazier days. You use it when you don’t feel as lazy, and you profit off of it when you do feel lazy. It’s great! In the terms of actual brow products, this doesn’t add much to my usual makeup routine. To me it’s just as easy to use my powder as it is to use this, and makeup remover takes this off anyway. So great for lazy days, not that special to add into your makeup routine. But that’s just my opinion. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

Max&More Tattoobrow is available at Action for €0.99


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