Turning Myself Into an E-Girl… Again…

Almost one year ago, I uploaded my most viewed article to date: Transforming Myself Into a TikTok E-Girl for Entertainment. For some reason, I thought it would be fun to make a fool of myself on the world wide web. And for some other reason, I thought it would be fun to do it all over again. Since the definition of the e-girl has changed a bit over the past year, I just felt like it was necessary to do an updated version of this look. So, let’s get into it!

As I said, the look of the e-girl has changed quite a bit recently. Where the e-girl last year was just a mix of looks, the e-girl now is more divided into different looks. The TikTok e-girl used to define almost every ‘thot’ on the app with a bit similar style, but now you have a few different kinds of girls. You now have a VSCO girl, a soft girl and an e-girl. And probably even more different kinds of girls, because there’s so many styles going around right now and it’s just so mind-blowing to me that they manage to put girls into boxes. But whatever. The e-girl has really become her own thing and she lives up to her ’emo’ definition a lot more. Where the VSCO girl and soft girl have taken most of the colourful clothes and plaid dresses, the e-girl jumps in with black items and lots of chains and stripes. It’s an interesting look, and I’ve been getting into it a little bit more recently. I have purchased some of the statement items of the e-girl look, like the two holed belts, chains, and checkered utility pants, so I thought it would be fun to put an e-girl look together and transform myself once again.

And just like last time, I will start with the makeup part of the look. Here, not much has changed. There is still a lot of eyeliner and small drawings underneath the eyes. Some e-girls still use a lot of pink, but others have refrained from pink completely. Since it still has some overlap with the soft girl look, the most recognisable part of this look remains the undereye ‘tattoos’. For my own look today I chose to do a blue look, since my shirt has blue details. I added a big liner, some hearts under my eyes, and some big falsies. I didn’t do the iconic, bright nose blush this time, since not all e-girls use this and it has become more of a soft girl statement. And the huge pink blush does not fit that well with my blue eyelook, I figured. I did do a bit of blush however, and I just had to put some on my nose as well, I just couldn’t help myself.

Now the makeup is done, we move on to the hair, and this is the easiest part of the entire look. That’s because we’re not gonna do our hair. We’re just gonna put on a black beanie and then we’re done! I’m already loving this e-girl look… it’s the same as my 8 am uni lecture look!

With hair and makeup done, we move to the outfit. The current e-girl outfit is very emo. The layers have stayed, but now we’re layering t-shirts on top of eachother. It’s a real hype to have a long sleeve striped shirt underneath a band shirt. So that’s what I’m wearing today. I paired that with my usual black jeans and my Dr. Martens. For accesories I wore my cool emo belt with chains and a chain around my neck. And that’s kind of it already.

Striped shirt: ONLY
ACDC shirt: C&A
Beanie: Forever21
Belt & chains: AliExpress
Jeans: CoolCat
Shoes: Dr. Martens

I don’t know if I like last years e-girl more than this years, or the other way around. I just find it so fun how fashion styles are changing and how everyone can just dress how they want on TikTok. I only make these posts because I know, how much I might wish I do, I can’t ever look as cool as all the real e-girls do. But that’s fine. I just like trying out stuff, and there are some things from this type of look that I might wear a lot more. Like my beanie and my belt/chain combination. I just don’t think the layered t-shirts are for me. But that’s okay. We all get to have our own styles and I think it’s just amazing we can express ourselves however we want on this amazing thing called the interwebs.

Moral of the story: wear whatever you want and try out whatever you like, don’t mind what other people may think. Be your own person and create your own style and share it with everyone if you want to. That’s kind of what I do on this blog, and I’m just happy I get the freedom to do so. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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