Review: Essence AIR Eyeshadow Palette

As you may have seen recently, I got the amazing opportunity to collab with one of my favourite brands: essence. We created some videos together, and on the shoot day they gifted me some of the products that I got to play with. One product that I really wanted to try was the Air Eyeshadow Palette, so they were so kind to gift me that one too. When scrolling the webside I was immediately drawn to this specific palette, because of the lovely pastel colours. It really spoke to me, while the other element palettes didn’t really. And funny thing: I’m a Libra, which is an air sign, so in my head that’s definitely the reason I felt so connected to this palette. And all the more reason to write an in depth review on it. Let’s get into it!

This product was gifted to me, but I’m writing this review on my own terms and about my own opinions. This article is NOT sponsored in any way, shape or form.

Let’s talk about the total look of the packaging. This palette is just extremely adorable. I think it’s the prettiest of the four element palettes, but maybe I’m just biased since I’m an air sign. The pastel shades of a sunset sky are perfectly represented on this packaging. I can’t say anything else than that it looks beautiful. Also the silver triangle thingy on the front adds something nice to the total. It just looks very aesthetically pleasing. It’s also very light and a great size to take with you.

When you open the little palette, the first thing you see is the adorable text: Like clouds in the sky. It’s very fitting for this packaging, as you can tell since the packaging is covered in clouds. There are nine shades in this palette, which are all pastel shimmer shades. I always find shimmer palettes tough to use. In my usual eye looks I really like using a mix of mattes and shimmers, so I find it difficult to create a look with just shimmers. However, that’s the only downside to these colours, because damn. All these shades just look so cute! Some shades have a shimmer to them in a different colour than their base. I can’t wait to play with these! However, downside on the packaging: where are the shade names? It’s just so much easier to talk about using a palette when there are shade names, and it isn’t that expensive or complicated to arrange. Other palettes by Essence do have shade names, so why can’t that just be a usual thing? Oh well, we’ll just have to deal with it and give the shades their number.

I swatched the shades from left to right, starting at the top left of the palette, that swatch being the most left one on my arm.

I do think some of the shades feel a bit dry, but they swatch pretty well. They all give great pigment, even though it’s a bit hard to show on my very pale arm. All the colours also have insane shimmers, which are so hard to get on camera. I love all of these colours, but I think the grey/pastel black shade might be the hardest to work with. All other shades can easily be used as toppers or inner corner highlight, but that shade can only be used as a topper in very dark, smokey looks. You just need to find a way to use it, I guess. Besides that the swatches look great. I just love that some shimmers are a lot different than their base colour.

I tried to do an eyelook using only this palette, which was a challenge for me. I’m not used to doing looks with only shimmers. However, I think it turned out adorable. I applied the purple shade (shade 9) in my crease blending outwards and below my eye and I tried to deepen the outer corner a bit using the pastel black shade (shade 6), but this didn’t do that much I think. Then I applied the two pinkish shades (shade 5 and 7) on my lid. I tried to highlight a bit using the lightest shade (shade 1). In total, I think it looks really cute. The pastel purple look fits my eye colour and skin tone really well and is so easy for an everyday look. However, I don’t think this palette is useful for a big range of skin tones. I think the colours might not turn out that great on darker skin, but since I am the palest of pale of course I can’t say for sure. I’m just afraid that the colours won’t look that great, since that makes this palette very exclusive. I don’t really like makeup that excludes people. Aside from that, the colours are easy to apply, even when using a fluffy blending brush. Of course the shimmers work best using your finger or a damp, flat brush, but they even apply well using a fluffy brush. Which is definitely a plus. They blend great and they don’t leave much fall out. They’re just pretty easy to use.

Besides the possible exclusion and the fact that there’s only shimmers in this palette, this palette is very cute. The pastel shades could be used for a simple look on their own, or used as toppers for more colourful looks using matte shades from other palettes. I was a bit skeptical of using this palette on its own when I found out it had only shimmers, but the look I made is perfect for my everyday life. The shades are easy to apply and very versatile, and budget pastel palettes aren’t that readily available yet, so this is a great option. In general, I’m pretty positive about this palette. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

The Essence AIR Eyeshadow Palette is available online only for €6.99


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