My Fashion Wishlist – Fashion Inspiration and Thriftshop Search Ideas

I know recently my blog has kind of been flooded with Essence related articles. It’s been a lot, so I decided it’s time to switch things up and talk about other stuff as well. Two weeks ago I uploaded a video to YouTube where I reorganized my entire closet and went through all my clothes, shoes and accessories. If you haven’t watched that yet, I recommend you do, since it’s a lot of fun (find it here)! Anyways, I went through all my clothes and now know exactly what I do and don’t have, so I’ve been compiling a list of clothing items that I don’t yet have but do want. So today I’m sharing with you my fashion wishlist, let’s get into it!

I’ll just go through my list of items and explain why I would want that item added to my collection. Then I’ll show some inspiration pictures that include that item. Simple, right? When you click on the picture itself it takes you right to the original post, and below the pictures the owner of the picture is linked. If you click their handle, it takes you straight to their account on the respective website. Well, enough technical talk, let’s get into the fashion!

Coloured Pants

First thing most wrong with my wardrobe is my lack of basics. Or at least, lack of non-printed items. I’m crazy about funky prints, so I have a lot of items with cool prints and colours. They’re all great items, however it’s tough to combine pieces if you only have printed pieces. So what I need most now is basics. Of course I need some basic basics like black long sleeve shirts and such, but I also have some specific non-printed items in mind that I would like to find. First up: coloured pants.

I feel like coloured pants are so versatile. They can still match with a lot of items, since they are plain, but they do add a lot of colour and something different to an outfit. I just don’t really have plain coloured pants, besides my green cargo pants, so I would love to add some colour to my outfits with a pair of coloured jeans.

Picture by @mathildamai on DePop
Picture by @denisesarahxo on Instagram
Picture by @kkpiece on instagram

Skirt/top two piece sets

There’s something about two piece sets that is just so cute to me. I like the idea of being able to use both parts of the set by themselves, but also wearing them as a set and just looking very put together. I would love to have a set of a matching skirt and top, but there’s also just so many styles to choose from! I don’t even know where to begin! I just know it’s something I want to look out for when shopping second hand.

Set by ExpressCouture
Set by Showpo.
Picture by @littleoutfitinspo on Instagram

Coloured Jackets

Coloured jackets are another sort of basic item, just like the coloured pants. I’m a sucker for jackets and I really want to get more into layering, because I feel like it adds so much to an outfit without you actually having to do a lot. Layering just makes an outfit look more thought through. I already have a lot of basic jackets. Black, white and blue denim jackets and black, white and burgundy leather jackets. However, since getting that burgundy jacket I really want to add more coloured jackets to my collection. A colour I really want is yellow, since a friend of mine has one and it’s the cutest thing ever. Pink is also a great colour to add, or a green maybe. I just need some colours that fit the colourscheme of my wardrobe.

Picture by sydneyxerin on Pinterest
Picture by @marianna.zapounidou on Instagram
Picture by @denisesarahxo on Instagram

Oversized Blazers

Another thing that adds layers! I’ve been really into the large blazer trend lately. I just love how it looks on everyone! It can be worn in a more stylish, chique way, but also definitely on top of a band shirt and some black jeans. Also the belt around the blazer thing is so good! I just love the versatility this item has. The only problem is that I’m a very thin, dainty girl and the shoulders of a large blazer tend to make me look like a very out of proportion body builder. So I’m still on the hunt for the perfect blazer for my body size. I would prefer if it had like a plaid print or something, or if it was corduroy, but I’ll take anything that fits me well by now. For now I’ll just have to look at these pictures of other girls totally pulling off the look.

Picture by @girlgoneretro on Instagram
Picture by @fashionedchicstyling on Instagram
Picture by @melisa_stylist on Instagram
Picture by @fashionedchicstyling on Instagram


Kind of staying in the blazer lane is my next wishlist item: a suit. And preferably a coloured one. I just like the class a suit brings, while it can still look so fun and playful. Maybe you’ll see me in a pink or yellow suit some time soon, maybe even a plaid one, if it’s possible for me to find something like that for my body type. We’ll see. The hunt for colourful things continues…

Picture by @heyyymrsharris on Instagram
Picture by @daphnebugeja on Instagram
Picture by @krystal_bick on Instagram

Printed tights

Next is something that I probably won’t find in the thriftstore, but that doesn’t matter. I guess I’ll just have to invest in a new item for once. I’m talking about the printed tights trend. I just love everything about it. It can jazz up a simple look so easily, but it can also add a lot to an already colourful and out there look. It’s just cute and I want every single print available.

Picture by @loulabxlle on Instagram
Picture by @stupid.infinity on Instagram
Picture by @peexo on Instagram
Picture by @sophie.seddon on Instagram

Cowboy Boots

Next up is something you may not really expect of me. I didn’t really expect this one either. For some reason some time ago the thought came into my head that I had to have a pair of cowboy boots. I just feel like you can pair them well with anything and mix styles in such fun ways, which I really want to try. I’m not planning on investing a lot in a good pair of boots, but more like scanning thriftstores to see if I may ever run into a nice pair. We’ll see if that ever happens, but if it does, you probably won’t see anything else on my Instagram feed for a while.

Picture by on Instagram
Picture by @miss_gunner on Instagram
Picture by on Instagram

Bucket Hats

The final item on this list is more about accesorizing. I want to build a wardrobe where I can easily put together a well-looking outfit. I already have enough statement pieces, so I want some basics which work with everything, and some fun accesories and jewelry to jazz up a simple outfit. A thing that I like to wear a lot in summer is hats. I think I have a hat kind of head, so I would love to try out some other styles of hats than just my usual dad hat. Like a bucket hat. I don’t know, I just think they’re cute.

Picture by @elaisaya on Instagram
Picture by @isthisfate on Instagram

But this bucket hat part of the list is kind of more a general thing. I want to look more for fun accesories and things to add to my outfits. I have a great wardrobe already and I always manage to pull something fun together, but I would just like to add something extra to my outfits more often. I already invested in some new earrings which are more out there than my usual studs, and I’m growing my bag and shoe collection. I would just like to add some other accessoires as well, so I can always turn an outfit into something that looks thought through.

So in general I’m looking for oversized, colourful stuff, some basics and some fun accessoires. I made this post mainly for myself so I have some inspiration when going around thrift stores looking for items. I just thought it might be useful for other people as well, so that’s why I’m sharing this. Let me know if you have any specific items you’re currently looking out for or that are on your fashion wishlist. I’d love to know! Maybe we can inspire eachother a bit. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

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