Review: Essence Choose Your Glow Highlighter Palette

I know, I know, I said I was gonna stop with the Essence reviews. Well, I just have to excuse myself this one last time, since I got this beauty of a product and I just have to tell you about it! I got to use this while shooting for the Essence videos, and since using it back then I was just waiting for the new collection to be in store so I could go cop this palette. So the first day the collection was in stores in the Netherlands, I ran to the Kruidvat and got myself the Choose Your Glow palette. And since I’m so excited about it, I just have to tell everybody about this beauty. So let’s get into it!

Let’s start with the packaging, like always. I love this packaging so much! The box is thick, sturdy, but has a decent enough shape to be stacked away easily. The box is also made from carton and such, and I don’t think there is any plastic involved, which is great! It just feels nice, the font looks lovely and is shiny, and it’s just clear what the product is.

On the inside of the box there’s a mirror in the lid, which is very useful. And of course there’s the highlighters: three shades to be exact. From left to right there’s Candlelit Glow, Major Glow and Summer Glow. I like these names, and they really fit the shades. Candlelit Glow is a bit of rosé shade, and it’s more toned down than other highlighters. It gives a very subtle and healthy glow. Major Glow gives a very bright glow with golden undertones, and Summer Glow is a very bronzy shade with a bright glow as well.

I just did some swatches to show what the colours look like. It’s really tough to get the shine on camera! But now you can at least see the colours. As you can see Summer Glow is fairly dark, so I can’t wear a too thick layer of this one, otherwise it will look weird. But the other colours are definitely my kind of shades. The pigment in these is great!

I wore Major Glow last week with my orange-y look. It looks especially good on my brown bone. On my cheeks the shine is also amazing, but it’s just tough to catch on camera. I just hope this gives a good enough idea of what the colours look like, haha.

I think this is a great palette to have. It has different colours and different shades, so you have something for every look you do. All the tones are warm though, so if you’re not into warm highlighters, this isn’t the palette for you. I just have cool toned highlighters, so I’m very happy to add this palette to my collection so I have some warm highlighters as well. The shine is wonderful and they all have great pigment. They apply very easily, and they’re pretty buildable if you’re looking for an even bigger shine. I approve this palette! It’s a great addition to your makeup collection if you want to have some more highlighter options. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

The Essence Choose Your Glow Highlighter Palette is available online and in drugstores for €4,99


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