Three Outfits Using Only Thrifted Clothing Items

As you might know, I’m very passionate about thriftshopping. First of all, I think it’s such a fun thing to do. I love just searching for the cutest items together with my boyfriend, and when you find something great it’s the best feeling. Second of all, it’s so budget friendly. I’ve been able to really expand my wardrobe lately, without having to spend a lot of money on it. We love that! And finally, it’s very sustainable. I think it’s very important to do what you can to help the environment, therefore I barely shop in stores anymore. I only go to stores when I need a specific thing that I haven’t been able to find in thriftstores. And since I’m so passionate about shopping second-hand, I thought I’d show you some outfits that I like to wear, to show you what cute things you can do with second-hand items. Let’s get into it!

I first want to give some sort of disclaimer. For each outfit I used as many second-hand items as possible. However, I only have one pair of thrifted shoes, and a person does need to wear shoes, so I allowed myself to add non-thrifted things to my outfits when needed. The most important thing to me is just showing how fun it can be to shop second-hand. That also means that this post isn’t necessarily about the items themselves, but more about the way I styled the outfits. However, I will name the brands of each item, so you might be able to look it up if you want. I get most items from local thriftstores and second-hand stores, but I also sometimes order clothing from second-hand clothing apps. I mainly use Vinted and United Wardrobe, which are popular in the Netherlands. Apps like Depop are quite similar I suppose. Well, I’ve been explaining for too long. Let’s just get into the first outfit!

Outfit 1

Jacket: Enjoy (thrifted)
Dress: Jennyfer (thrifted)

This first outfit is the only one that consists entirely of thrifted items. I kind of ordered the jacket and the shoes of Vinted around this dress, because I just imagined it looking so cute. And it does! Oversized jackets are always a great addition to your collection. I’ve really been trying to add some basics to my wardrobe, and jackets are definitely my go-to additions.

Earrings: Thrifted (No clue what brand)
Necklace: C&A

You may think: did you thrift earrings? Well, not exactly. These giant silver hoops belonged to my mum. She didn’t want them anymore, so I got them. I feel so cool wearing these giant hoops! I don’t know, it’s just a vibe.

Shoes: NLY Shoes (thrifted)

These shoes are about the coolest things I’ve recently bought. I saw them online and I just HAD to have them. So I got them, lol. I really like the idea of such a chunky shoe for summer. It’s the perfect blend of casual and chique.

Outfit 2

Jacket: Divided (thrifted)
Shirt: H&M (thrifted)

I was extatic when I found this jacket in the thriftstore! I had seen a similar jacket on the Primark website and I really wanted it, but I just couldn’t find it in the stores. So then I was sad, because I wanted the jacket. So when I found it in the thriftstore, for even cheaper than at Primark as well, you can guess how happy I was. I think I paid like eight euros for this beauty. One of my favourite finds!

Earrings: Thrifted (No clue what brand)

Again, a pair of earrings that belonged to my mum. However, these are black, and that’s just so cool to me. Again: it’s just the vibes.

Pants: Vanilia (thrifted)
Shoes: Dr. Martens

Another one of my favourite second-hand items are these pants. I don’t even know how many times I’ve worn them by now, that’s how much I love them. I paid a little more for these ones however, That’s the only thing I don’t like much about second-hand clothing stores: they’re often more expensive than thriftstores. I think I paid around 22 euros for these pants, but it’s worth it.

Outfit 3

Blazer: Jane Norman (thrifted)

This is my most recent find. As I recently explained in my Fashion Wishlist article, I was looking for a tartan blazer. And then I ran into this one! It’s literally my perfect size. I’m not the biggest fan of brown, but I just couldn’t leave this one.

Blouse: ERFO (thrifted)

This blouse is the lightest, most comfy fabric ever. It’s so great for summer! And can we just appreciate the flowers? I love crazy fabrics. Maybe I should just make a post with all my weird blouses… I can never leave one hanging!

Pants: Armani (thrifted)
Shoes: Primark

These pants must be my coolest find ever. First of all, they’re a perfect fit for me. Second of all: it’s a pair of real Armani pants! And I paid three euros for it! How crazy is that? Sometimes you just have to search until you find a gem like that…

And that was my fashion inspiration for today. I just really wanted to show how fun second-hand shopping can be. You just have to go out and see what you can find. You shouldn’t go out wanting to find a specific thing, because there’s only a small chance you will actually find that, and maybe you won’t focus on other fun stuff then. So just go out to your local thrift-store and see what you can find. Maybe you can even flip some items and make them even cooler! I like to do that sometimes as well. Do you go thriftshopping occasionally? I’d love to hear about your thrift-finds! I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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