My Instagram Followers Choose My Eye Makeup

I know this trend has passed a long while ago on YouTube, but I still always wanted to try it: the Instagram followers choose my makeup trend. I think it’s a really fun concept, because it challenges you in a creative way. I like to be challenged creatively and I come up with challenges for myself a lot, because I think they help me learn new tricks and ways. It’s just always a great learning moment, and also a fun time in general. So a few weeks ago I asked my followers to help me pick my eye makeup, and today I’m sharing the results. Let’s get into it!

I asked my followers to just choose my eyemakeup, since I don’t have a big base makeup collection. Some products I don’t even have two versions of, let alone enough to make it interesting to choose. That’s just because I don’t like to waste products and I like to stick to what I know, until I’m out of that product. Then I might buy it again, or try something else. Anyways, I just chose to let my followers pick my eye makeup. I started with a simple question: which eyeshadow palette should I use? I let them decide between my three most diverse palettes: the James Charles x Morphe palette, the 88 Shades palette by Max & More and the Conspiracy palette by Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson. It was a very tight run in the beginning between the 88 Shades palette and the Conspiracy palette, but the Conspiracy palette won with 12 votes to 8. So: that’s the palette I’m working with!

Next question was to find out which shades I’m using. I asked my followers to pick numbers between 1 and 30 (30 as to not hint to which palette it was going to be). They chose the colours 4, 17 (twice, lol), 18 and 24. Since the palette only has 18 shades, I just kept counting on but starting at the front again (if that makes any sense at all). So shade 24 is the same as shade 6. Do you get it? Oh well, it meant I would have to use the colours: Diet Root Beer, Illuminatea, My Ride’s Here, and Spiraling. My followers definitely have a knack for dark colours… LOL.

Since I had a lot of dark colours to work with, I thought the smartest thing to do was use Diet Root Beer as a transition shade. So I started with blending this lovely brown shade into my crease.

I decided I wanted to do a halo type look, so next step was blend the ultimate black colour, My Ride’s Here, into the outer corners of my lid and a bit into my crease, leaving the centre of my lid open.

I then blended some of Spiraling into the black shade moving inwards, to create a gradient with the next shade I used: Illuminatea. I applied this amazing green shade to the centre of my lid. Then I grabbed Spiraling and Diet Root Beer and blended those on my lower lash line, to make this dark, smokey look complete.

The next question I asked my followers was if I should do eyeliner or not. Apparently this was an easy decision for most, since I had 21 votes for yes and 2 for no. Eyeliner it is then! I think it also really fits the dark, smokey look we’re going for.

And we’re already on the final question of the day: natural or extreme falsies. This received 9 votes for natural and 12 for extreme. It was a tie for a long time, until the extreme side took over. So, I did as I was told, and I applied my more extreme falsies. I don’t have incredibly extreme falsies, since I have very hooded lids and big lashes just hide my eyelids completely. So I applied the most extreme lashes I had, which are the Wispies by Ardell.

And that concludes this look already! I applied my usual base and brows and finished it off with a nude lip and some black eyepencil to tie the look together. I really enjoy this look! I like the smokey effect, and I think it’s not too much for my face. I kept it quite toned down actually, but you can still see the amazing green shade that is Illuminatea.

I really loved challenging myself like this, I should do this more often! Do you ever challenge yourself like this with makeup? Or do you challenge yourself in different ways? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to chat about it. If you feel like you want to take part in answering questions if I’m ever doing this again (which I probably will), you should definitely follow me on Instagram! You can find me at @bottleofhappiness. I’m also there for fun makeup and fashion pictures, and to chat with if you want to. I’m always keeping an eye on my DM’s. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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