7 Apps That Help You Live an Organized and Healthy Life

I’ve always struggled a bit with keeping my life on track and getting everything done that I have to. I’m a terrible procrastinator, or a good one actually, if you look at it like that. That’s why I’ve been working on my planning and my lifestyle ever since I moved out of my parents’ house. It has always been a bit of a struggle, and sometimes it still is, but right now I feel like I have control over my life. My life feels like it’s in order and I feel like I can keep it that way from now on. The best way to do that, for me, is to make use of apps and sites to keep track of everything. Today I’ll give you the seven apps I love the most that help me live a healthy and organized life. So, if you struggle a bit with getting your life on track, these apps could be great for you. Let’s get into it!

1. Todoist – To Do List App

Todoist is an app and website that is meant to keep to-do lists in. I use it to make my to-do lists for literally everything I do. I write all my blog and YouTube ideas down there and use this app to keep track of when I have to post what. It’s really easy to plan tasks for certain dates and times and it’s so easy to create different lists and projects. You can link certain tasks as priorities, in different priority levels even, which can help with your daily tasks. When I start my day I fill in my ‘Today’ list with planned tasks from my to do list, and extra tasks I come up with for that day. Then I give everything a priority, and then I get started. I’ve been using Todoist for a while now to keep track of everything, and it’s proven to be really beneficial for me. It’s definitely one of the better Task apps that I’ve come across!

Forest app logo

2. Forest – Concentration Help

This app is for us easily distracted people out there. Whenever I have to do something that I’m not necessarily that motivated for, my phone is the easiest distraction. Forest helps you with putting your phone away and focusing on what you have to focus on. In Forest you plant a little tree for a set time period (anywhere between 10 minutes and 2 hours) and the tree will grow along with this timer. So if you don’t use your phone, you will have a lovely tree. However, when you do something on your phone other than Forest, your little tree will die. This app is great to use while studying or working, to keep you from being distracted, and it’s nice to keep track of the hours you’ve spent working, since you can look back at the trees you’ve planted. Also a great plus: you save coins by focusing, which you can use to buy even cuter trees. And if there’s certain apps you do have to access in your focus time, you can set a whitelist in the settings. I’ve done that for apps like Whatsapp, Spotify and my uni app. It’s very useful and it helps me tremendously with focusing. There’s just no real downside to this app.

3. Smart Closet – Wardrobe Organization

We have already talked about organizing your tasks and deadlines, but what about more physical things like your clothes? I struggle a lot of days with getting ready, because I’m not sure what I’ll wear. Then I usually end up getting out of bed last minute and just throwing on some jeans and my uni sweater, while I would actually love to get dressed and look cute. In Smart Closet you can keep track of all your fashion items and combine them into outfits and save those for later. You can add outfits to dates so you know when you wore which items and so you can plan your outfits. It also has a randomize feature, which might help you get new ideas on how to use your wardrobe in different ways. I just enjoy using this, because I can plan outfits in advance, which makes it so much easier to get up and get ready in the morning.

4. Plant Nanny 2 – Water Intake Tracker

And we’re back with the plants! In Plant Nanny you grow a small plant over time, which you have to water for it not to die. However, you water the plant whenever you drink something. The app calculates how much water you need to drink in a day, and then it’s up to you to drink enough water. This app just helps with the motivation to drink enough. You can set push messages that remind you to drink water, and the fact that your little plant may die is also a great motivation. It also tracks how much water you drink each day, so you can look back at that. It’s a great habit tracker for your water intake.

5. Dreamfora – Habit Tracker

While we’re on the topic of habit trackers: Dreamfora is a great app for that. I’ve been trying to work more healthy habits into my life, and I’ve been searching for the best way to keep track of this. First I used Habitica, which is also great because it’s a pixelart videogame style tracker. Whenever you don’t do your daily tasks, you loose health, and you gain experience with each habit you do. It’s fun, but it’s not great for looking back and seeing when you did or didn’t live up to the habit. Dreamfora does have that function. You have a calendar function to see when you did certain things, which is way more insightful to me. I also use this app to track when I did laundry and such, because that’s just easy this way. If you’re trying to learn some new habits, Dreamfora is great and it has a lovely and calming aesthetic to it.

6. Keep Yoga – Yoga Exercise App

As I just mentioned, I’ve been trying to learn more healthy habits. One of those is to do yoga a few times a week. I do this to get my mind of things and focus on my body for a second, while also training and pushing my body a bit. I really enjoy doing yoga. However, I’m not that good at it, so Keep Yoga is a great app to help me. It has lots of different exercise sequences for different purposese. You have ones for menstrual pain relief, for instance. When you start a sequence, a video plays which shows what you have to do, while a calming voice speaks and quite clearly explains what you have to do. You can also choose to listen to calming music in the mean time. I’ve just really been enjoying this app, because it makes starting with yoga so much easier. No need for a gym or something, because I’m doing this just for myself, and now I can do it by myself. Great if you want to do yoga at home!

7. Gratitude – Mindfullness and Manifestations App

And then we’re on to the last app for today: Gratitude. I discovered this app while browsing the Play Store, and I immediately was intrigued. The app itself is quite simple with just a few pages and it has a lovely aesthetic with soft colours. It helps you to practice gratitude everyday, so you learn to live more in the now and radiate more positive energy. It helps my mindset to just stand still for a minute and think about what I’m grateful for. If you can’t think of something, this app also has small prompts which you can answer if that’s easier for you. Everyday there’s an inspiring quote available and there’s also space to write down your manifestations. I’ve been looking into the Law of Attraction and manifesting some more recently, and this app is just great to help you think about those things daily and turn them into a habit. I recommend!

And that about concludes this list of helpful apps. Just a quick disclaimer: you must know that if you want to live more healthy or more organized, that needs to come from yourself. These apps aren’t going to do that for you, but they can help tremendously and make things a lot more clear and easy for you. I’ve just been using these apps a lot lately and I felt that it was time to share something about them, so other people can use them as well. I hope you may have learned something today which you can use to get your life in line. Let me know if there are any apps or sites that you use to organize your life, because I would love to learn about more of them and see if there are any that fit me. For now, I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

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