Using the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Conspiracy Palette for a Week!

When I ordered the Conspiracy palette last year, I convinced myself I needed it because of all the great looks I could make with it. However, now I actually own it, I’ve been struggling a bit with making looks with it. It’s a very diverse palette and I use it often in combination with other palettes, but just using it on its own I find myself out of ideas most of the time. So, I thought I’d battle that inspiration block by giving myself a challenge: for a full work-week I’d have to create a look with this palette every single day. So that means five looks with one palette, in a short period of time. Let’s see how I pulled that off!

Here’s a throwback picture of my review post, so you know which shades I’m talking about in this article.

Day 1

I wanted to start the week off slowly with a look that I recently discovered looks great on me. It’s a very soft and shimmery neutral look and I just really like how it looks together with my eyes.

For this look I applied Tanacon into the crease and then I deepened the crease and outer corner with Diet Root Beer. I also applied these two shades to my lower lash line. Then I took Just A Theory and put this all over my lid. To finish it off I put Ranch in my inner corner and blended it a bit towards the lid. A very simple, but very lovely look. The lipstick is by Max&More colour 402 Rusty Rose.

Day 2

For day two I wanted to play with the lovely pink shades in the palette.

For this look I first applied Pig-ment into my crease, which I deepened up with Not A Fact. Again, the same colours on the bottom lash line. Then I applied Trish on the entire lid and Food Videos on the inner corner blending inwards, so I get a bit of an orange-y blend. I applied some falsies and an eyepencil by Meeki in the colour Fire-starter to finish it all up. I like this look, but I do think it looks a bit too much like one solid colour. I like it, but it’s not my favourite of this week.

Day 3

For this day I wanted to do something with the blue shade, because I wanted my look to match the blue dress I was wearing that day. I just wished I hadn’t constricted myself to just the Conspiracy palette, but also the Mini Controversy palette… The blues in that palette would’ve been so great for this day! But oh well, we just have to do with what we’ve got.

This look is really easy. I put What’s the Tea? in my entire crease and on my lower lash line. Then I created a simple halo eye by applying the silver Diet Cola on my entire lid, with a bit of Ranch in the middle and in the inner corner. I finished with a simple black wing and the Meeki eyepencil in shade Ocean Iris. I think this is my least favourite look of this week. I just feel like it suits my face the least well of all. It might be a bit too light, or blue shades just aren’t for me, I don’t know. It’s just not my favourite.

Day 4

All week I’ve been looking at those green shades in the palette just thinking about what I was going to do with them. They’re so beautiful, so they need to be done justice. I tried my best…

I promise I’m not naked, I’m just wearing a tanktop lol (but who even cares if I was though?)

I think this is my favourite look of this week! I started by blending Food Videos in my crease and around my entire eye. Then I took My Ride’s Here and blended this into the outer corner and a bit into the crease. This blending took a little while, because yellow and black of course don’t blend that easily. I did a half cut crease using concealer. Then I took Illuminatea and applied this to the middle of my lid towards the black and blended this a bit. Then I took Conspiracy and applied this to the inner corner moving towards Illuminatea, which I blended a bit together in the centre of my lid. I blended the black and yellow shades on my lower lash line as well. Then I used a gold facepaint to make a sort of eyeliner line along the cut crease line. To finish I put a bit of Ranch in my inner corner. The lipstick is 321 Creme Brulee by Max&More. I really love this look! The greens look pretty good on me and I loved the touch of something extra by adding the golden liner.

Day 5

For this final day I just looked at which shades I hadn’t used yet, which were the red and orange shade. So, I had to use those of course!

Okay, so technically I cheated a tiny bit with this look, since I didn’t do a full face look. I only did makeup on one eye, but there’s a reason for that. I started on both eyes but the other eye just wouldn’t work out and it got messed up multiple times. So I just did one eye. I wasn’t going anywhere anyway, was I? I did spend like two hours on this look, so that counts for something, right? For this I applied Not a Fact, Flaming Hot, and Cheese Dust along the crease from my inner corner moving outwards. Then I did a full cutcrease and applied Ranch to it. Then I did another full cut crease a bit underneath the first one, and on this I applied the same three shades as before, but in opposite order. I applied the colours underneath my eye in the same order as on the lid. Then I applied a bit of Ranch to the inner corner. I put on some falsies and on the waterline another Meeki eyepencil in the shade A Peach for Each. And that’s it for the final look! I’m really proud of myself for creating this one. I haven’t really done any difficult looks lately, so I’m very happy this one worked out.

And that’s it for this week’s looks! I think it was a really fun challenge and it really made me think about what options I have with this palette. I do think there’s a lot more different looks I can try with this palette, but I’m just happy I managed to come up with these five. The green look is definitely my favourite, followed by the double cut crease look. What was your favourite? Do you ever challenge yourself like this? Let me know if there’s a palette that you want me to do this challenge with next time. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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