I Changed My Entire Skincare Routine and This Is What Happened…

About two months ago I was strolling around HEMA looking through their new skincare lines, and I decided it was time to change up my skincare routine. I’ve been using only two or three products for the past year and before that I didn’t really do any skincare. I’m not really sure how my face survived all that makeup without a little bit of love, but somehow it did. However, I decided it was time for a change. I browsed the HEMA in search of the best products for (what I assume is) my skintype. I also added some things over time. Now I’ve been testing this new regime for about two months, a pretty decent trial period, I decided it was time to tell you about my skin journey. I’m first going to take you through my morning skin routine and then my nighttime skin routine. Afterwards I will show you the two-month result. Let’s get into it!

My skin details

I am still not sure exactly what my skintype is, but I do have gathered some knowledge on it over the past year. I mainly have medium to dry skin. My cheeks are very dry and, even though it seems oily, my nose is also very dry. Besides that I have pretty big and clogged pores in my T-zone and some oiliness around there. I also have (what I assume is) keratosis pilaris on my cheeks. This is a skin condition where your skin make too much keratin and your pores start to clog up and form bumps which sometimes look like pimples. I have this all over my body. If you want a more in-depth article on this, please let me know! Anyways, in general I have a very mixed skin type, and my skin is not overly sensitive.

My morning routine

HEMA Urban Remedy Eye Cream – €6.- (Buy here*)

I start my mornings with washing my face with just water, to get the bit of dust off my face that I’ve gathered during the night. Then I apply my first product: the HEMA Urban Remedy Eye Cream with SPF 15. I really appreciate that this eyecream has SPF 15, because the skin underneath your eyes is one of the most fragile parts of skin on your body. You need to protect it well! This eyecream feels very rich and really moisturizes my undereyes. It also makes my concealer stick to my skin a lot better.

Betty’s Nature 92% Aloe Vera Gel – €1.99

Then the next step in the morning is one of my newest additions to this routine: Betty’s Nature 92% Aloe Vera Gel. After three weeks of using all the other products, I noticed that the thing that still bothered me the most about my skin was the redness in my cheeks. I have a lot of very uneven red spotting in my cheeks, which I don’t really like. Even when my skin is ultra clear, it looks like it isn’t because it isn’t evenly coloured. So I thought, maybe some aloe vera gel would help calm my skin down and reduce the redness. So I went looking for some gel like that, and I ran into this one. It’s a HUGE jar, so I think this’ll last me a lifetime. Especially since I only use it on my cheeks. Besides that, it absorbs very quickly, it smells nice and not too strong, and it was hecking cheap. It was only €1.99! I’m in love. Oh, sorry for rambling on. Next part of my routine thus is: rubbing this gel all over my cheeks.

Left: LaCura Booster Hydration Code – €5.99
Right: Eliza Jones Hyaluronic Acid Serum – €1.69

Then we’re onto adding some moisture to the skin. Before I decided on this skin routine, I had been using the Eliza Jones Hyaluronic Acid Serum for a while already. I noticed that my skin was dry and this serum really adds a lot of moisture to your skin! I accidentally bought the LaCura Booster Hydration Code, which also has hyaluronic acid, when I actually wanted to buy the LaCura eyecream, so now I own this one as well. I just switch between these two serums everyday. Both are great! The LaCura one is a bit more expensive, but I got it on sale for a very low price as well (I am not a cheapskate, I promise! I just like budget beauty, haha!).

HEMA Aqua 24H Cream Gel – €3.50 (Buy here)

And then we’re onto the last part of my morning routine, which is the day cream. This cream, the HEMA Aqua 24H Cream Gel, is actually a 24 hour cream (duh), so it can be used both as a day and night cream. That proves to be very useful, when you realize that you only need to carry around one jar of cream! Anyway, I just apply this cream all over my face. It’s great because it’s very moisturizing and rich and it doesn’t take a lot to cover your face, but it doesn’t feel extremely thick or anything. That’s probably because it’s a bit of a gel-cream-mix. I don’t know, I just enjoy it. There’s also a version of this cream for extra sensitive and dry skin. After I applied this, my skin is all moisturized and ready for the day! It’s also a great base to lay my makeup on.

My nighttime routine

Left: The Beauty Dept. Rose Water Jelly Cleanser – €1.29
Right: HEMA #NoFilter Cleansing Foam – €3.50 (Buy here)

The first thing I do before I go to bed is take the day off. If I wore any makeup that day I’m using the The Beauty Dept. Rose Water Jelly Cleanser to take off all my makeup. I really enjoy this way of taking off makeup, because it also reduces waste, since you only use your hands. Just put a bit of the jelly on your hands and start rubbing it all over your face. It doesn’t even need to be wet. Then just wash it off with some water. Easy peasy! Afterwards I clean my skin once more, to make sure I got everything off, using the HEMA #NoFilter Cleansing Foam. I like this foam because it smells nice and it really cleans my skin, but I’m starting to notice that it does dry my skin out a bit. After cleansing my skin sometimes is a bit irritated, so I’m thinking of trying out a different, more soothing cleanser when I run out of this one. When I’m not wearing makeup, I only use the HEMA Cleansing Foam.

Left: The Beauty Dept. Rose Water Facial Toner – €1.48
Right: HEMA Hydrating Scrub Cream – €2.75 (Buy here)

Next up there’s some more cleansing. Once a week I use the HEMA Hydrating Scrub Cream to really exfoliate my skin. I have a lot of big and clogged pores in my T-zone, so I thought this scrub was perfect for me. Also because I do need some moisture at the same time. I also have some keratosis pilaris on my cheeks, for which scrubbing and moisturizing is the best remedy. Then if I have scrubbed, or if I haven’t because it’s not Wednesday, I use the The Beauty Dept. Rose Water Facial Toner to calm my skin down a bit and freshen it up.

HEMA #NoFilter Spot Gel – €3.50

Then it’s time for one of my favourite new discoveries: a spot treatment. This HEMA #Nofilter Spot Gel leaves a bit of a layer on top of your spots and it reduces redness and thickness. When I have an upcoming zit, 9 out of 10 times it’s gone after I apply this gel. It’s great! When it’s really bad, I also apply this in the morning underneath my makeup, so my zits are at least covered by something that helps them instead of making them worse. After applying the spot treatment, I use the Betty’s Nature Aloe Vera Gel again, just like in my morning routine. I only apply this to my cheeks.

Eliza Jones Glow Super Elixer Serum – €1.69

Then it’s time for another serum, but in the evening I use a different one. This is also from Eliza Jones, but this is the Glow Super Elixer Serum. It’s a very oily serum with a lovely, warm smell. It helps to make my skin glow and look healthy, while also really feeding my skin. I just lather my face up with it. Then I apply the same 24H Cream Gel I use in the morning, since it functions as both a day and night cream.

Biovène NextLash Plus – €9.99

Then it’s onto the last part of my routine: my lash serum. This isn’t really skincare, but it is something that I do every night. I’ve been using this one for a long time already, and I do have a very in-depth review of this one on the blog. I just apply some to my lashline and it helps my very short lashes to stay healthy and strong.

The results after two months

My skin on February 25th 2020
My skin on April 19th 2020

The main thing I noticed throughout this two month journey is how my skin got less and less dry. I used to have a lot of flaking around my nose and my foundation would look terrible in those spots, but now it looks decent. My makeup just tends to lay on my skin a lot nicer nowadays. I also think the overall redness in my skin has reduced a bit, but it definitely isn’t where I want it to be. One thing I did learn on this journey is that my skin just really doesn’t like face primers. Everytime I use a face primer I tend to break out. Besides learning that I break out more when I use primers, I think my skin has gotten more even with this routine. I’m not really sure if I’ve noticed anything drastically changing in the way and time I break out, but that’s also because I started to use a primer again two weeks ago, and I’m not sure which breakouts were caused by the primer and which by my skin routine. However in general, my skin does feel a lot softer and less dry, and the redness is dying down a little. So to me, those are great results.

What do I still want to achieve?

I want to try this routine out for a little while more and really stop using face primers, to see if the breakouts will lessen. Of course, you can’t fix hormonal breakouts, but that’s why I have the spot treatment. I also want to look into what is causing the redness in my face and how I can fix that, other than aloe vera gel. I just feel like, even when my skin is extremely clear, it doesn’t look even at all because there’s a mix of my faint freckles, beauty marks, and the redness in my cheeks. So in a perfect world I wouldn’t have redness at all, so my freckles can really shine. I am also working on drinking more water, and I’ve noticed that I just look and feel a lot healthier since I started focusing on that. It does help a bit, but you also need other things to help your skin along of course. I’m definitely not preaching the ‘water clears your entire skin’ thing. I also want to look into a facial cream with SPF. I now only have an eyecream with SPF, but it’s so important to protect your skin! The final thing that I know I want to look into is changing the cleanser I use now. When this one is starting to run out, I’m going to get a more hydrating and soothing cleanser. I already have my eye on one, but I still need to do some research on it before I impuls buy again.


In conclusion, I think my skin really benefitted from my random splurge in the HEMA. I really started thinking about what my skin needs and how I need to treat it. Especially since I’m doing a lot more makeup now, my skin needs to be looked after better. So it was a great impuls buy. I do think I need to tweak my routine, but for now I like what it’s doing for my skin. And that’s about it for my skincare journey! I am really sorry about how long this post is, but I didn’t want to leave any details out. I hope this can be of any help to anyone dealing with the same skin issues. I’m thinking of doing an update post in a few months, but we’ll see how that goes. You’ll definitely notice when I do though! Let me know what your skin routine is like, and if this post was of any help to you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

*The ‘buy here’ links in this article are affiliate links. If you buy a product through these links, I will make a tiny bit of money as well. This does not cost you any extra, but it does help me run my blog even better!

Bonus! Here’s a video where I show how I use my skincare products.

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  1. Hey Sanne..I’m a new here can you check my new blog as I take y’all my seniors and want to gain some knowledge from yall about blogging 😊😊 I hope you won’t mind checking my post by the way your post is extremely beautiful I didn’t knew that we have to write this much long 😅 sigh.. I’m new so I’ll try to be better

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    1. Hi! So fun that you want to start a blog as well! Glad that you enjoyed this post :).

      You don’t have to write as much as I do! Haha. I’m just a very talkative person and I wanted to cover my entire skincare in one post, because my blog isn’t just skincare related. That’s why this post is extremely long. Most of my articles aren’t this long either! You just write what feels good to you. Mostly, shorter posts perform a lot better, because people like to have quick reads.

      I have a few tips for you, just based on your first post :):
      1. Take your time to really read through what you write and find grammatical/writing errors. You can definitely write in the lovely, casual way that you do now, it’s very entertaining! Just try to make sure what you write is grammatically correct, so it reads a bit easier. (I understand this can be tough when english isn’t your first language)
      2. Maybe add some personality to your blog. I couldn’t find anything about you! You don’t have to put your face or anything out there, I blogged anonymously for a long while as well, but it’s just nice for the reader to have a name to tie to your posts. It makes it a bit more personal and more enjoyable to read.

      That’s just some quick tips that I could give. I’m definitely not a pro and I also still have a lot to learn, so I’m definitely not qualified to tell you what to do, haha. Hopefully these tips help a bit, though! If you want, you can add me on social media (IG @bottleofhappiness), so we can interact there a bit and maybe I can help you start up a bit more? Just let me know what you think! 🙂

      Most important thing: just write what you love and do what you enjoy, because a blog is a hobby and it needs to be fun!

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