Review: Essence High Beauty Trend Edition

Last week Essence announced their new trend edition: High Beauty. The entire collection is vegan and is infused with hemp seed oil, which has moisturizing properties. The idea of using hemp seed oil in makeup products really intrigued me and it was such a fun idea to me to release such a collection on 4/20, so I felt like I just had to get it. I couldn’t wait until it is available in the Netherlands (around June), so I just ordered the products that I was most interested in from Kosmetik4less. I went for the Face Mask, the Under Eye Brightening Concealer, and the Fixing Compact Powder. I got everything yesterday and I tested it immediately, so I can tell you all about it today and you can still get the products before they’re sold out, if you want. Or when they are first released in stores in your country. Let’s see if these products are worth the excitement!

Essence High Beauty Face Mask

We’ll start with the face mask. This face mask is supposed to help wake you up in the morning. It’s supposed to refresh and revitalize your skin, while also being hydrating and caring. It’s a jelly facemask with a very pleasant, leaf-y smell (if you know what I mean?). It smells really natural and fresh. It comes in a plastic jar, which feels a tad bit weak, but it’s not that bad. I do think the entire collection looks very neat and put together. I applied the mask with a flat foundation brush, I do that with all my masks, and I didn’t really need a lot to cover my face. Because the jar is a bit small I was afraid that I would run out of product fairly quick, but I think that won’t be such a problem, since you don’t need a lot of product at once. You only need to wear the mask 2-3 minutes, which was so weird to me. Most masks should be on your face for at least 10 minutes. However, I do think that’s a nice property . It’s just a lot easier to put on a quick mask in the morning to refresh and depuff your face, and then immediately take it off and start your day. It makes it a lot easier to incorporate a mask into your routine.

The face mask felt really nice and cooling to my skin. It was easy to apply, it has a pleasant smell, and it just felt comfortable. However, after I took the mask off, my face was extremely red. It didn’t feel weird or anything, my skin actually felt great! It felt clean and soft, but still moisturized. The only weird thing is that my skin was just extremely red. More red than it’s ever been. At the end of this post there’s a picture where you can see the other two products applied to my face, but you can also see how extremely red my skin is. My skin didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. It wasn’t itchy or tight or anything, it was just very red. Maybe it’s because I left the mask on for too long, or maybe I’m a bit allergic to something in the mask. I don’t know what the problem is, because I did apply the mask to my hand first, to see if I got any weird reactions, and nothing happened. I’m gonna try the mask again later this week and really only leave it on for two minutes, and see if that helps. The redness did go away in about an hour, but it was a very weird thing. Besides the extreme redness, my skin did feel very nice after using the mask and I felt very refreshed. So in every other aspect, this is a great mask. It’s just nice to put it on in the morning to really wake your skin up. I don’t know what else to say about it.

The High Beauty Face Mask is available online and in stores (soon) for €3.99

Essence High Beauty Under Eye Brightening Concealer

Next up in my makeup routine is concealer. This under eye concealer is available in two shades, a lighter pink and a darker, more brown-toned pink. I got the lighter pink shade with the name 01 rosé beige. The concealer is specifically to cover up the bags under your eyes, and it’s also supposed to be moisturizing and caring. The skin under your eyes also deserves some love, so that’s a great aspect. The concealer comes with a basic doe foot applicator, and the stop in the lid makes sure you don’t have excess product on the applicator, which works great and keeps the packaging clean. The packaging also looks very nice and neat to me, and it feels very sturdy.

I was a bit scared that, because there’s only two shades, this concealer would be too dark for my pale face. However, because it’s a pink tone and not that full coverage, it was very easy to blend into my skin. The pink shade cancels out the blue in your under eyes, therefore this concealer is perfect to give you an awake look in the morning. It’s just a simple and nice concealer to put on on days where you don’t feel like wearing that much makeup. Just put some under your eyes for an awake look, pop on some powder and mascara, and you’re done. I really like this for everyday use! For a glam look where I also use foundation, I would not use this concealer on its own. Maybe underneath a higher coverage concealer to first cancel out the blue tones a bit, but I would not just use this one together with foundation. It’s just great for simplistic, everyday use, and the caring qualities about it are a great bonus. At the bottom of this post there’s a picture where I’m wearing the concealer.

The High Beauty Under Eye Brightening Concealer is available online and in stores (soon) for €2.79

Essence High Beauty Fixing Compact Powder

And last, but not least, I got the Fixing Compact Powder. I was in doubt to get this, because I always use the All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder by essence. However, I’m almost out of that one so it’s time for a replacement either way, so why not try this one for the same price, but with extra caring properties? This powder may look green in the container, but it is a translucent powder, so you don’t see any colour on the skin. There’s also a big hemp leaf imprint in the powder, which I think looks really nice. The thing that I don’t like about this powder is the smell. It also has that leaf-y smell, just like the face mask, but because it is a powder it makes it smell very musty. I don’t know why, I just don’t like it. You only smell this in the container though, because it isn’t a strong scent. When it’s on your face you can’t smell it, so it’s fine. I’m not that bothered by it. As long as you don’t push your nose into the pan, you won’t smell the weird scent.

I was expecting just as good a powder as the All About Matt! powder. And that’s what I got. It’s just a great powder. It really mattifies the skin and leaves it feeling soft and silky. It also covers concealer and foundation well. I must say that the All About Matt! powder leaves a thicker layer and therefore is applied a bit quicker, but I’m not too mad about that. It’s a decent powder and it does its job, what else is there to say?

The High Beauty Fixing Compact Powder is available online and in stores (soon) for €2.99

The results

Left side with makeup, right side without makeup

In this picture you can clearly see how red my skin got after using the mask. I still find it very strange and I’m going to figure out what the cause of that is. My skin didn’t feel weird afterwards though! It just looked weird. On the left side of my face (for you) I’m wearing both the concealer and the powder. You can clearly see the difference the concealer makes. It makes my eyes look a lot more awake and it gets rid of most of the darkness underneath my eyes. You can also see that the powder makes my skin a lot more matte. It just isn’t that visible on camera sadly. I just feel like my face looks a lot more blurred and healthy on the left side than on the right side.

For an everyday, simple look I really enjoy these products. Just pop on some of the concealer and powder and finish with a mascara, and you look a lot more healthy and awake than you did five minutes ago. It’s great for people who enjoy a more natural look. For a full glam look, these products aren’t that qualified, but you can definitely incorporate them. Also, the facts that this entire collection is vegan and has caring properties due to the hemp seed oil are great extras, especially since the prices don’t differ from essence’s usual price range. I just can’t say much about the caring properties yet, since you must use the products for a while to see a difference in your skin, but I like the idea of it. I approve these products! I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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