How to Use Glitter in Your Makeup Looks and Other Beauty Tips

I recently bought some new glitters and rhinestones and I felt like playing with them. So I came up with a few different ways to use those glitters and some tips on using them, so you can learn how to use glitters as well. Because why wouldn’t you want to use glitters? Besides the fact that they get literally everywhere, of course. Anyhow, let’s see how we can use glitters and rhinestones in different ways!

There are a lot of different ways to use glitters, mainly because there are lots of different kinds of glitters. Most generic glitters are hexagon shaped and those already come in lots of different sizes. Then you have glitters in different shapes, like flakes, circles, or stars. Those are often bigger so you can actually see the shapes. Things that I also like to use, which aren’t really glitters, are rhinestones. They are like small diamonds which you can stick on stuff. I just like to use them, and you do use them in a similar fashion as you use glitters. So that’s why I used those in this article as well. Rhinestones of course also come in different shapes, colours and sizes. We love versatility!

The first thing I did was use two different sized black glitters in a black eyelook. I placed the larger glitters very specifically in a pattern. I did this using the back of a thin brush, and just wetting it a bit to get the glitters to stick to it. I also saw a hack on Instagram, which was just so smart! It said to use sticky gum, like that eraser stuff that you can knead into different shapes, and make a little cone with that at the end of a pencil. This way you can stick glitters to it and work very precisely. It’s very handy, I just couldn’t find any sticky gum in the house sadly. But that’s just a quick tip for applying glitters and rhinestones with precision. You can find the post by @palecanvas where I saw this hack here. When I want to apply big amounts of glitter, like in the centre of my lid in the above picture, I just use a flat brush which I wet a bit with setting spray and then dip it in glitters and dab it onto the sticky surface.

I mostly stick my glitters and rhinestones to my face using lash glue. I also sometimes use the clear brow gel by Max&More. This one is pretty sticky and dries well, therefore the rhinestones stick really well for a long time, but they are much easier to take off. Brow gel just isn’t as sticky as lash glue, so it’s a lot less painful to take rhinestones off. Don’t use this for fake lashes though! Brow gel isn’t sticky enough for that, sadly.

I mostly like to add glitters and rhinestones in specific spots. Like lining my lips with them, or just putting them in my inner corner. This way you can add a lot of fun to your look, without it looking too messy.

I also have a little, non-glitter related tip for you. I often feel like wearing a coloured liner, but I don’t have many coloured liners. So, I just use eyeshadow in the colour that I like. Simple, right? However, this can sometimes look a bit messy, or the shadow won’t stick well and won’t be pigmented. So what I do then is I use concealer and a small brush and draw on the concealer as if it is an eyeliner. Then I apply the eyeshadow on top of that. This way you can also use different coloured eyeshadows underneath your eyeshadow liner, like in the picture above. I first applied a nude coloured eyeshadow on my entire lid, then applied the concealer, and then the silver eyeshadow like an eyeliner. You just kind of treat it as a cut crease and it makes getting coloured liners a lot easier.

Those were just a few of my glitter tips and ways of use for you. However, glitter is so extremely versatile that I am thousand years away from trying all the ways it can be used. So I thought it would be fun to show you a little gallery of Instagram pictures by some amazing makeup artists, to give you some more inspiration on the glittery way. Just click ‘To post’ underneath a picture and it immediately takes you to the original post. Also the artists’ handles are linked underneath the pictures. Enjoy!

And those were today’s tips and ideas. I know I’m not a professional, but I hope these tips helped a bit and inspired you to create your own glittery goodness. Let me know if you ever use glitter in your looks. I love to use it, but it is a lot of work, so I don’t use it in my daily looks. How about you? I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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