Review: FAB Factory Sun Vibes Nude Palette – A HudaBeauty Dupe?

When I saw the FAB Factory Sun Vibes Nude palette on the Action website, it immediately made me think of the HudaBeauty Nude palette. I ran to the Action the next day to get it, because I needed to try it out. Because if this is actually close to the HudaBeauty palette, this palette could be a great dupe. It’s very cheap, has nice colours, and it gives the same vibes as the HudaBeauty palette. But is it actually a dupe? And is it even a good palette on its own? Let’s find out!

The Packaging

Let’s first talk about this packaging. I love this packaging. It has a sort of pink marble look with gold lettering. It looks very nice, but it also feels so nice. It has that really soft, smooth feel, just like books with a matte hardcover have, if you know what I mean. It just feels really nice and not cheap at all. The palette is made out of cardboard it seems, but it feels very sturdy. It closes with magnets. I don’t know, it just feels very sturdy and high quality, not at all what you’d expect from such a cheap palette. And now the bonus: it has a slight pearlescent sheen to it. In normal lighting you don’t really see it, but in direct sunlight it looks absolutely beautiful. I just had to take a little video of it and put it in here so you could see it too!

The Inside

On the inside you, of course, have all the eyeshadows, and you have a little tutorial in the lid. It may have been more handy if there was a mirror in the top lid, but okay. I do like the idea of the tutorial page. It shows a pictorial on how to make a few looks that are actually trendy right now. It’s great for people who are just getting into makeup. For people who are already into makeup and know how to do these basic looks, a mirror would’ve been more handy, but it’s fine. One thing that makes me very happy about the inside is that the shades all have names. There are so many low-budget palettes which don’t have shade names, and it’s just so annoying. How am I supposed to tell people which shades I used, when they don’t have names? Plus, it’s most often not that difficult or expensive to do so. So I’m always happy seeing drugstore brands use shade names in their palettes.

The Shades

Let’s talk a bit about the shades, because they are quite similar to the HudaBeauty shades. This palette first of all gives you a pan of primer. It’s a light concealer which you can use to prime your eyes and make cut creases and such. I found this to be very unique, but it’s also a thing in the HudaBeauty palette. So I am very inclined to say that they got their inspiration for the primer from HudaBeauty. Besides the unique primer, this palette features 11 matte shades, which all do have a tiny sparkle, but it’s barely noticable. The shades range from brown to pink to purple. I really like these shades! They make for a versatile palette in a specific shade range. Then we have three shimmer shades, two extremely glittery shades, and one pressed glitter. The only thing I’m missing is some sort of inner corner highlight. Like a very light shimmer or something. The shimmers that are available are all fairly dark, and not quite suitable for such a job. But they are nice though.

The Swatches

Top row swatches from left to right: Prime, After Dark, Diva, Twinkle, Need a Tan, and Queen
Middle row swatches from left to right: Rendezvous, Glam, Wicked, Grand Jewels, Gossip, and Ivory Coast
Bottom row swatches from left to right: Cherry Berry, Tickle Me, Jet Set, Vegas Dust, Pink Madness, and Dream

As you can see in the swatches, some of the darker matte shades don’t really perform well. Matte shades are always where the trouble lies in budget palettes. However, I’m not too mad at most of these matte shades. Only After Dark looks absolutely terrible in these swatches, but the rest isn’t that bad. The shimmer and glitter shades swatch absolutely beautifully and I’m so in love with these. Twinkle is a beautiful brown base with green and purple shimmers. Gossip has more of a purple/pink base and it has blue and purple shimmers. Both of these shades have a colour shift, depending on which lighting you’re in and from which angle you’re looking. I’m so in love with them! I wish it would translate better on camera, because you can’t really see the pretty glitter colours in the pictures, but it just be like that sometimes, ya know? I really enjoy all these shades. They’re not the highest quality, of course, but they don’t really disappoint me either. Can we also just quickly appreciate the colour Queen? It’s such a beautiful shade! It’s a lovely pinky shade with a pink shimmer and it shifts to gold in different lighting. It’s just so beautiful. The shimmery colours in this palette really surprised me!

Trying the palette out

Now you’re of course wondering: ‘But Sanne, did you also try these shades on your eyes? How do the shades even perform?’ Well, of course I also tried them on my eyes! I tested over half of the shades in two different looks. If you want to see that process, I actually filmed a YouTube video where I tried out this palette. You can find that video here. Anyways, enough self-promo, I made two different looks, one on each eye. For the first look I tried most of the pink shades, and for the second look I tried a mixture of the brown and purple shades.

For this first eye I started with using the primer. I set my entire eyelid up to the browbone with the primer. Then I applied Glam in my entire crease, blending outwards. I was blown away by how well the primer worked! The eyeshadow swatches were decent on my arm, but I needed only a little bit of the shade to get some good pay-off on my eye. The primer is very sticky and the colour actually sticks to it. It’s a great primer! Then I deepened the crease with Pink Madness and the outer corner with After Dark. Then I also cut my crease using the primer, which worked pretty well. I did a half cut crease and applied Queen to the center of it. Then I applied Gossip on the inner corner of my lid and some of Vegas Dust in my inner corner. On the bottom lashline I applied a mix of Glam and Pink Madness. The colour pay-off of most of these shades is great, mostly in combination with the primer. Also the shimmers are just amazing quality! However, I do feel like the primer started to run a bit into my creases, which isn’t optimal. So, it is a great addition to the palette, but for more serious makeup users, maybe using your favourite primer gets you a bit further.

For the second look I also used the primer as a base. Then I applied Wicked all over my crease blending outward, using this lilac shade as my transition shade. Then I deepened the crease using Dream and the outer and inner corner using Rendezvous. I’m going for a basic halo eye, if you hadn’t noticed yet. I then applied Diva all over the centre of my lid, and Twinkle just exactly in the middle of the centre, for that extra little sparkle. On the bottom lashline I used Wicked, which I deepened up using Jet Set.


I really enjoyed using this palette. It’s a great palette for people to start with. It doesn’t have the craziest colours, but it’s still a bit colourful, and the fact that it also has a primer and a tutorial is great for a starter set. Do I think that this is a HudaBeauty Nude dupe? I’m not sure. The FAB Factory palette is clearly inspired by the HudaBeauty palette, but it isn’t a total rip-off. The shades are slightly different, have different names, and are in a different order. But does it have almost the same colour scheme, some similar shades, plus the unique idea of the primer pan? Yes. Does it also have similar packaging? Yes. So, I guess this can be considered a dupe. And for the price, I would just call it that. It’s a really cheap version of the HudaBeauty palette. It has pretty good quality for the price, and I really like the shade range. On its own I think it’s a pretty decent palette, and a great addition to a low-budget-loving person’s makeup stash. However, if you really want that HudaBeauty Nude palette, just save up and invest in it. This is a decent palette and it is similar, but nothing compares to the real deal, you know? But that’s just my opinion, you just get whatever palette you want.

I also found that this FAB Factory brand was a bit shady, considering the lack of information available online. Therefore I wasn’t really sure on its cruelty-free status either. However, I contacted the brand that is listed on the back of the packaging, and asked them about that. They told me that they follow European legislation and therefore do not conduct animal testing. They also do not sell in mainland China. They did not answer the question if they know of any of their ingredients being tested on animals. So take this however you will. I trust that this company is cruelty-free in the eyes of the law, plus it does not sell in China, which a lot of “cruelty-free” brands do. So I consider this brand cruelty-free.

In conclusion, it’s a great palette on its own, but you can also see it as a HudaBeauty Nude dupe. If you want to see this palette in action, you can find my YouTube video on it here. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

The FAB Factory Sun Vibes Nude palette is available at Action for €4.95

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