Catrice and Essence Nailpolish Haul and Reviews

A few months ago I sorted out all of my makeup and clothes, but now in this quarantine I also thought it was time to go through all my nailpolish. As you may know, this blog once used to be called Nails and Cakes, because of all the nailart I would do. And because I wanted to do so much nailart, I accumulated a grand collection of nailpolishes. I think I had around 150 different bottles of nailpolish, and all were pretty old, so it was definitely time for a cleaning. I threw out about 85% of all my polishes, and was left with a few nice colours that I could wear regularly. Sadly, I also had to throw out a lot of pretty colours that were just all dried up and out of date. That’s why I decided I needed to add a few new colours to my collection. So when I ordered makeup at Kosmetik4less last week, I also ordered six pretty polishes from Essence and Catrice that really fit my current style. Today I’ll show you all of them, with swatches and short reviews included. Let’s get into it!

When I placed the order, only looking at the colours in the pictures, I did not realize that I ordered three shimmery polishes. I thought I only bought one from Catrice, but when I actually got them, I saw there was a shimmer in two of the Essence polishes as well. Fine by me, we’ll test them anyways. This also resulted in me being able to split this post up a bit. So, we’ll start with the three plain polishes and we’ll end with the three shimmery ones. I also just found out that I apparently bought the four newest Essence nailpolishes without knowing, with consecutive numbers and all. So that’s a fun lil’ extra in this post, if you haven’t tried the new shades yet!

Plain Nailpolishes

From left to right: Essence Shine Last & Go! 62 Walking on Sunshine, Catrice ICONails 73 I Have a Blush On You, and Essence Shine Last & Go! 63 Genie in a Bottle

Essence Shine Last & Go! 62 Walking on Sunshine

This is a lovely yellow ochre shade. It applies pretty easily and the formula isn’t too thick. It’s a tad bit thin actually, which causes it to need some extra layers. In the picture I’m wearing two layers, and this is perfectly fine for this polish. However, in some lighting I could still see through it a bit, so for my own peace of mind I would wear three layers of this polish. I do like the formula of this one a lot and the colour is just lovely.

Catrice ICONails 73 I Have a Blush On You

This polish has the best formula of all six that I tested today. With one layer I was almost completely done! I just put on a second layer to be sure I wouldn’t see through it at any point. The thickness of the formula is perfect, it applies easily, in essence it only needs one coat, and it’s a lovely colour. A great nailpolish!

Essence Shine Last & Go! 63 Genie in a Bottle

I love this colour a lot! It also applies easily and it’s a beautiful shade. The formula may be a tad too thick, but it doesn’t bother me. I did need two coats of this polish to get a good colour out of it, but to me that’s kind of the standard for nailpolishes. One thing I must say about this polish is that the smell seemed a bit odd to me. For some reason it smelled different from other polishes, and it did linger on my nails the first day. It was not that pleasant. I don’t know where that comes from, though. So keep that in mind when you’re looking at this polish.

Shimmery Nailpolishes

From left to right: Essence Shine Last & Go! 61 Running Wild, Catrice ICONails 71 I Kinda Lilac You, and Essence Shine Last & Go! 64 Ready For It

Essence Shine Last & Go! 61 Running Wild

You don’t even understand how much I love this colour! It’s a beautiful mint-y shade and it does have a very subtle gold shimmer in it, but that just kind of only makes it more shiny in the sunlight. The colour is a bit more green on the nails than what it seems like in the bottle, but that’s fine to me. I love this shade so much that I just didn’t want to take it off, but I still had to swatch the other colours as well, so after three days of putting it off, I just had to get rid of it. But I’m definitely painting my toenails this colour in the coming days! Only downside to this polish: it’s very thick. It dries quick, but it also makes applying it a bit difficult. You couldn’t really equally spread it out. I managed to apply two coats of this polish. But, after a bit of a struggle putting it on, I think this is my favourite colour of the six!

I think I was most disappointed in this lacquer, but not because I didn’t like it, because I still kinda do! It’s just that I never read anywhere that it’s a sheer polish. It’s an absolutely beautiful shade and you can definitely build it until it’s opaque, but it takes a while. Four coats to be exact. I am wearing four in the picture, and you can still kind of see the white edge of the nail. It is a pretty colour though. I also think this colour will be absolutely beautiful on top of another purple or white polish. The thickness of it is perfectly fine, but it does appear a bit streaky. Also after a few hours of wearing I noticed there were a lot of bubbles forming. So right now my nails look like a bubbly, streaky mess. The colour is beautiful and you can build it up to be a polish on itself, but it is definitely meant to be a sheer polish. This could be very pretty on top of other shades, I just haven’t tried it that way yet. On its own, the formula is surely not the best. I don’t know, I feel like this is the only polish that actually disappointed me.

Essence Shine Last & Go! Ready For It

I think this last polish is really pretty, but it’s the only one that doesn’t really fit my skin tone that well. It’s not ugly or anything, but I think it will suit others just a bit better. Also, I put this polish with the shimmers because the bottle had a pink shimmer to it, but I don’t see that much of it on the nails. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. I just like such a neutral shade every once in a while, and maybe it will suit me better if I tan a bit this summer. The formula is fine, maybe a bit too thin. I did see a few bubbles forming afterwards, but nonthing too bad. It’s a decent polish.


I think it’s quite clear which polishes I did and didn’t like. If you didn’t catch it yet, Running Wild is my absolute favourite colour, and I Have A Blush On You is my favourite formula. I Kinda Lilac You is a bit disappointing, but the other three shades are very nice. That’s just the short conclusion. I’m very happy I added these shades to my collection, because now I have a nice collection of shades that fit my new-found style and that I can wear on the regular. I’m happy with them! Let me know which one is your favourite and if you have tried any of these. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

Essence Shine Last & Go! polishes are available online and in drugstores for around €1.59

Catrice ICONails polishes are available online and in drugstores for around €2.99


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