Tutorial: Spring Inspired Floral Eyelook

Lately I’ve been in such a good mood because of the nice weather, and I really felt like portraying that in a makeup look. So I made a look with my favourite colour: yellow. I wanted it to be a happy and adorable looking “piece of art”. So I grabbed my makeup and my face paints and I started drawing flowers on my eyes. Want to see how I did that? Then definitely keep on reading!

We’ll just immediately jump into step one. The idea of this step is simple, but the execution may be a bit difficult. I used a mix of white and yellow waterbased facepaints for this. With a very thin brush, I used a nailart brush, I started drawing the bigger flowers where I wanted my cut crease to be. I then added the smaller flowers and played around a bit with the two different colours. To add some dimension I also added some yellow dots all around. It is a tedious job, but it turns out great, trust me! Just follow your gut and be creative with it.

Step two consists of building a full cut crease. I started this by first cleaning up the space using a cottonbud and some makeup remover. I then took a small, flat brush and applied concealer to the lid. I topped this cut crease with white eyeshadow. First I used Ranch from the JSC Conspiracy palette for this (as in the picture), but this turned out a lot more grey than I wanted it to. So after taking the picture I decided to replace it anyway with a matte eyeshadow, specifically Flashback from the James Charles x Morphe palette.

As you can see in this picture, I changed the silver-y white for the matte white shade. I now also added yellow eyeshadow underneath my eyes. For this I used Bee from the James Charles x Morphe palette.

For the next step I added two types of eyeliners. I first added a big black cat-eye wing, which creates some nice division in the look. I used the Essence Liquid Ink eyeliner for this. Then I wanted to clean up the cut crease line, so I used a gold face paint to draw a line along the cut crease. Even though the line is not straight and neat, because I’m not that good of a makeup artist, it does make it look a bit cleaner. It’s a great trick for if your cut crease doesn’t turn out the way you want it to!

And now we’re already onto adding the final details. First of all I applied a white eyepencil on my water liner. This really makes the waterline pop and makes the yellow undereye more cohesive to the look. For the eyepencil I used the Essence Kajal Pencil in 04 white. Then I applied mascara and some very full, fluffy lashes. I chose big lashes because the eyeliner wing is quite big as well, and I want it to be a bit balanced. If I used very thin and natural lashes with this look, they would barely be visible and the look wouldn’t be complete. The mascara in this look is the Essence What The Fake! mascara and the lashes are by Action Beauty.

And now the look is complete! I think it’s a very bright and happy look and I really enjoyed challenging myself with a more complicated look. Linework is always a struggle to me and I really need to practice that. But so far, I think I’m doing a decent job. I had a lot of fun doing this look, and I still have a lot of fun looking at it with all its bright colours and floweriness. I hope you enjoyed this look as well. If you decide to recreate it or do something creative with it, definitely show me on my socials. I’m really curious! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. I hope I may have inspired you a bit with this look. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

3 thoughts on “Tutorial: Spring Inspired Floral Eyelook

    1. Thank you so much! Detail brushes are really great to experiment with 🙂 About the face paints, I use basic water-based face paints from a carnaval store. I dont know which brand it is. I’m also not really in the know about which brands are good. I would just say, if you plan on using the face paints as eyeliners and such, water based is just fine. I would go for a more expensive brand there, but Halloween-store types are also decent to start with. If you really want to cover your face in face paint and do more crazy and SFX type looks, cream paints are a lot nicer to work with and also blend well, so you can work with them just like you work with foundation and concealer. Like I said, I’m not sure about brands and such sadly. I kinda just work with what I’ve got (the water based paints) and that works fine enough for what I want to do. I do want to look into cream paints, so if I get more information on that I’ll let you know! Hope this helped a bit, haha 🥰

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      1. Okay I’ll try that out . I just wanted to experiment with some tiny details on my eyes , and didn’t really have a small brush like that . I’ll be on the look out for the paints too ☺️Thanks for the info ✨

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