How to Style a Statement Coat | Outfit of the Day

At the beginning of 2020, when it was still possible, I went thriftshopping again. I found a couple fun pieces, but the best thing that I found was this amazing blue trenchcoat. It was totally up my alley: colourful, patterned, a total crazy statement piece. I love anything that’s over the top! However, I know a lot of you don’t always like such in-your-face clothing items. Because, to be fair, they’re kind of hard to style. Especially for me, since my wardrobe consists for 90% of crazy patterned and coloured items. Sometimes it’s just a bit of a struggle to turn those statement items into a fun outfit, so that’s why I wrote this post. I managed to style this crazy, blue coat in a very fun way (if I may say so myself), and I wanted to share it with you to give you an example on how to style a statement coat. Let’s get into it!

Coat: Hua Lan (Thrifted)
Tights: HEMA

Because this trenchcoat is so colourful and busy-looking, I wanted to pair it with a very plain outfit. So I chose black, since there’s also black in the coat. However, you’re of course not always wearing the coat when you’re inside, and I didn’t want the outfit underneath to be too boring. So I paired the black top and skirt with some fun polka dot tights. It makes the outfit look a lot more fun, but it also matches the coat. You can always match different patterns, but it’s best to pair a bigger pattern with a smaller pattern. That’s what I did here. I paired a very busy and big pattern with a more toned-down pattern, which makes for a fun look in total.

The basic tip is: if you have a very over-the-top item with multiple colours and a busy pattern, pair it with a plain outfit in one of the colours in the pattern. If you keep the full outfit that colour, you can’t go wrong. It also makes the statement item really stand out.

Top: H&M
Skirt: Topshop (Thrifted)

I kept the outfit underneath the coat pretty fitted. The coat itself, when not closed, is very wide and loose. So to balance that out a bit, I chose fitted pieces underneath. This way my figure is still accentuated, even when it’s covered up by such wide outerwear. And when you want to close up the coat, you can make it fitted again with the belt, and it won’t look weird because you don’t have any bulky, wide items underneath.

Layered necklace: AliExpress

For accessories I kept it pretty simple. Because my skirt has some silver detailing on it, and the coat is very cool-toned, I opted for a silver necklace. I love to wear layered necklaces when I’m wearing such a mock-neck top. It’s a very covering top with a lot of surface, so it feels very out of proportion to me to wear just a single necklace, so a layered one is a perfect solution.

Shoes: H&M

For shoes I went simple and classy: some medium-heel, black ankle-booties. I mostly own very chunky/sporty/casual looking shoes, and then some party-heels. The only shoes I own which are a bit of a classy/casual mix are these booties. I bought them two years ago at the airport and I still love them! Besides the necklace and the shoes, there was also another item that I actually wanted to add to this outfit. I wanted to accessorize it a bit more, but because of the lockdown, I don’t have all my bags and such with me. I really wanted to add this cute, thrifted, black backpack to the fit, but that one is still in Nijmegen sadly. So, here’s a picture of it so you can get the vibes!

Backpack: Carla Cobo (Thrifted)
Sorry about the blurry picture. I took this from my ‘Favourite Thriftshop Finds‘ YouTube video. I just really wanted to show this fun bag and how cute it would look with the outfit.

I feel like such a boss babe in this outfit! I felt very classy, but still very me because of the crazy colour bomb. I hope this post has given you some inspiration and tips on how to style such a crazy coat. I know not everyone is inclined to buy such an item, but maybe this helped you decide if you want such a cool coat or not! This coat came to me very unexpectedly, while I had been searching for a nice trench coat for a while. It’s the perfect trench coat for me and my style, and I absolutely love it. Now I know this is not everybody’s style, but I hope you still enjoyed this article. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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