DIY: How to Make an Earring Organizer/Holder

I’ve recently been getting more into jewelry and accessorizing my outfits. I never really used earrings as a true accessory, but I got some old hoops from my mum which I’ve suddenly been wearing almost every day. I don’t know, I just feel powerful in hoop earrings. Because I’d been having so much fun wearing different earrings, I ordered a few more off of AliExpress. This also means that my collection is getting pretty big, and pretty unorganized. I currently have my earrings in a little jar, and it takes me a few minutes to pick the right ones and find their other halves as well. So, I wanted to get an organizer that fits my needs. However, almost all earring organizers were either just for hanging earrings, or they included room for necklaces as well. I did not want that. I wanted one that could fit all my earrings, even my studs, but also just my earrings, so not any other jewelry. Of course, they do exist, but they can be quite expensive. So why not make one myself? I managed to make a fun one that fit my needs exactly, so I thought I’d show you guys how I did that. Let’s get into making our own earring organizer!

This is an overview of the things I used. Well, sort of. I’m that person who starts off with a plan and changes it midway because it just goes better like that, haha. So, in the picture you’ll see the next items, which you (kind of) need, and I listed a few more:

  • A photoframe
  • Some craft cardboard
  • Two wooden slats
  • A hole puncher / a needle
  • A saw (optional)
  • A screw (optional)
  • A drill (optional)
  • Some all purpose glue

I first thought of using the hole puncher, because this created big enough holes to fit earrings, without them falling through. However, when I made holes first with a needle, it turned out the holes were already big enough. So I decided not to punch holes anymore. More on that later though, but that explains why the list mentions ‘a hole puncher/needle’.

Excuse the weird picture. It was dark when taking this, and the cardboard is actually silver paper, so it reflects the lighting in a weird way. Anyways, I started this project measuring a few things. First of, I counted how many pairs of earrings I actually had and how many of each kind. I divided it in studs, small hangers and large hangers. I then measured how big the inside of the photoframe is, so I knew how much space I had to work with. I came up with three pieces of cardboard. On the back of the cardboard I drew out the lines of where I wanted the earrings to be. The inside of the photoframe had a 5mm edge where I could glue it to, so I added that 5mm around the edges of the cardboard strips. So from the left edge, the first earrings will be 1.5 cm off the edge, and then the earring holes will have 1 cm in between them, where the last one will be 1.5 cm off the edge again. Vertically the earring holes have 1.5 cm between them. I drew out the lines on the back so I knew where I wanted the holes to be, everywhere where the lines cross.

Every row of earrings can hold 9 pairs, so it has 18 holes. The top cardboard strip has three rows and the other two strips have two rows each. So there’s a total space for 63 pairs of earrings (did I calculate that right?), of which 36 can be studs and 27 hangers.

Because the holepuncher that I planned on using (it’s a belt hole puncher) leaves an ugly hole at the opposite site of where you’re starting, I thought I’d do it a bit different. I wanted to first make some holes using a needle, so I knew where the holes went on the right side, and then make the holes with the holepuncher. However, after just making the needle holes, I realized the holes were already big enough and were looking good enough for my taste, so I didn’t want to ruin the look by making the holes bigger. You can definitely do that if you want, I just went with the needle option. So, I just punched some holes with a needle where the lines crossed. That’s it.

The next step is also fairly simple. I just glued the pieces of cardboard to the inside of the photoframe. I just had to check that the distances between the pieces were right. I wanted space for small hangers, medium hangers and big ones, so that’s the space I created. Just find what works best for your photoframe.

The idea to use a photoframe actually came from my mum. I was planning on making some sort of frame myself using more slats, but my mum realized she still had an old photoframe lying around, which would be a lot easier to use. And it definitely was! Also, this photoframe has a really nice colour of wood, so that was a perfect addtion. And now my DIY earring holder is made entirely from stuff I still had lying around the house! Thanks mum!

The final step was to create some legs for this thing. I used two wooden slats for this, which are just some of those paint stirrers we still had lying around. You know, those things you get for free when you buy a big tub of paint? Yeah, those. They worked perfectly for this! My dad helped me saw them diagonally, so they would be standing more secure on the surface. You don’t really need to do this, but it does improve the sturdiness of the organizer. We attached the legs by drilling a tiny hole in them and the frame and attaching it with both a screw and some glue. This is to make it as secure as possible. You can also just use all-purpose glue or wood-glue. If you make sure the glue is really dried and secure, you’ll be fine using just glue. We took some extra steps to make the organizer as secure and sturdy as possible, but that’s definitely optional.

And that was kind of the final step. The fun thing about this is that you can customize it exactly the way you want it. I kept everything wooden, because I have some wood decorations in my room and it fits the look of the room. However, you can also paint the slats and the frame, or put stickers on them, or something like that. You can also choose different colours or patterns for the cardboard. The possibilities are endless! Just have fun with it. I sure did, and mine isn’t even decorated!

I really love making things myself when I have a specific idea in mind. It just works out a lot better than buying something that’s not exactly my vision. When I make it myself it’s a lot more fun to do, it turns out more like I want it to, and if it’s just a tad bit uglier or less well-developed, it doesn’t matter because it’s my creation and I’m proud of it! So yeah, DIY’s are definitely a lot of fun. And also a lot cheaper! I could’ve bought the earring holder I wanted for $20 or over, but this one cost me nothing but a bit of my spare time. A great solution for a student on a budget! I hope I have inspired you a bit today to create something for yourself. Let me know if you tried this DIY, or if you have any other creative ideas. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

2 thoughts on “DIY: How to Make an Earring Organizer/Holder

  1. I’ve been looking for a solution for quite some time now and I’ve never seen something that will catch my eye or will work for me, just like yopu wrote. This is actually a very clever way! Thank you for this!
    Have a nice one 😉



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