Recreating Grunge Tumblr Pictures – The Results!

Two days ago I uploaded a fun lil’ video, where I tried to recreate some of the most extra grunge pictures I could find on Pinterest. They all gave me such 2014 Tumblr vibes, and I just wanted to relive that era for a day. I always wanted to dress more grunge, because I thought it looked badass, but I never really got fully into the grunge style. I just like to mix grunge items with my other items to create fun combos. This did make it a bit easier to recreate the pictures, because I did have a few grunge-style items in my wardrobe. Anyways, I recreated a few, and some kind of worked out well. Today I’ll share with you the results. Let’s get into it!

Picture one

On the right (or below) is the first picture that I tried to recreate. It was an easy outfit for me, but the background was a bit more difficult. We don’t really have light floors in the house, so I just had to do with our dark blue carpet. I also didn’t get the angle exactly right, but the picture is quite similar, if you ask me!

For the outfit I wore my Guns ‘n Roses tanktop from H&M, a short from Primark, some fishnets and my black Converse. I kind of forgot about the black nailpolish, and just wore my purple nailpolish on one hand, haha!

Original pin here

The filter was pretty tough to get right. I think my lighting was a bit off, so it made the picture look different immediately. I tried to cover it up with editing, but it kind of made my picture more blurry and blue. I don’t know, something there didn’t really go right.

The final picture looks somewhat the same, and on its own you wouldn’t suspect it was not a grunge picture. Mission accomplished I guess?

Picture two

For picture two I was lucky enough to have a guitar at hand. My dad bought an electric guitar some time ago (which I have attempted to play, yes, but I did not succeed), and it was perfect for this picture. So I tried to make the background a bit interesting by attempting to put some posters up. However, I did not have any band posters, except for a small Like a Storm piece of paper and a Judas Priest scarf. So no, I could not really recreate her cool background, but an attempt had been made. Also, the poster and scarf don’t even show in the picture because I’m in front of them, lol. Great idea, terrible execution.

Besides the missing background, I also don’t have her cool pink hair or Joy Division shirt. I just grabbed my own Alter Bridge shirt and a blue flannel, and I tried.

Original pin here

My picture is a lot more blue and I look a lot more sad, haha. I don’t know, I’m just not a fan of this picture. I did take it with flash, but it just doesn’t compare to the analog type photograph. I added some vignette and toned the colours down a bit, and that’s what I was working with. It’s decent, but it isn’t good, and it definitely does not look similar to the original. I tried.

Picture three

The third picture is a very simplistic picture. It just features some legs and a rose, how hard can it be?

Well, if you don’t realize that the legs are actually up in the air, it can be a bit difficult to get the same look. And yes, I only realized this when I was editing. So no, my legs are not up in the air. I think it still turned out pretty decent however. For shoes I wore my fake Converse hightops paired with my mom jeans and cozy sweater.

Original pin here

Can you see I’m not that good at matching filters and such? I tried to tone down the colours in this picture a bit so the red wouldn’t be as in your face, because I don’t have the nightsky as a background. Dumb me. I do think I have the posing right, though!

Picture four

This picture is so extremely emo and extra, I love it! For the outfit I chose my trusty ACDC shirt with my Daily Paper skirt. I don’t have a knitted vest, so I just topped it with my white jacket. I added my fake rose again, and of course the paper with the sad face. Like how can I not?

This picture was absolutely ridiculous to take, but a lot of fun anyways. For editing I just upped the vignette and lowered the colours again. I do think this picture is the best recreation that I made!

Original pin here

Picture five

The last picture is this really colourful picture. It was actually really hard to recreate this without looking absolutely ridiculous haha. I just wore my 90s inspired Pokémon shirt and I grabbed an empty bowl (no photoshopped Froot Loops in this house).

I’m a bit sad that I don’t have her cool green hair, and that I forgot to do the bright blue eyeshadow, but okay. This picture turned out as well as it ever could. Which is not good, lol. The editing was difficult, I couldn’t get the pose right, and I just look plain ridiculous. But okay, a picture is a picture.

Original pin here
The filter does do my hair colour good, though.

Even though the pictures didn’t turn out that good, it was a fun lil’ project to do. I liked going back to my grunge era and playing around with the outfits. I now also do know that this kind of vibe was never really my thing, so I didn’t miss that much gladly. I hope this was a fun article to read. If you want to see the actual process of me taking these pictures and looking ridiculous, you should check out last Friday’s YouTube video! You can find it here and here. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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