How to Style Mom Jeans Three Different Ways

I recently bought myself my first pair of mom jeans. I had been looking for a good pair for a while that was my style and actually fit my body well, but I hadn’t really found one. Until I stumbled upon this amazing pair with adorable little ducks embroidered on them. It can’t be more me! In this post I wanted to show how versatile the mom jean actually is. It seems like a very casual pant, but you can definitely dress it up a bit as well. So today I styled this pair of jeans in three different styles of outfits: classy, grungy, and more streetwear-like. Let’s get into it!

Streetwear style

Mom jeans: Hammerschmid(Thrifted)

I really enjoyed styling this outfit! It’s definitely not my usual style, but recently I’ve been having fun with incorporating this street-style into my own style. I kept it very casual, with not too much jewelry and instead adding more sport-y accessories. Because the mom jeans are very wide, it may look a bit weird to put an oversized tee on top of them. However, that’s why I’m wearing a belt. Because I singed my waist, I’m not drowning in both oversized items. It kinda works!

Shirt: Uniqlo x Daniel Arsham
Belt: AliExpress
Bracelet: Souvenir

I really love this shirt! It’s a new one I got about two weeks ago from Uniqlo. It’s a special collection together with artist Daniel Arsham. He makes cool pop culture statues and drawings, but drawn as if the characters have crystalized and just been dug up in the year 3020. It’s a cool concept, and these Pokémon shirts are just adorable, and pretty affordable! I have two, and this one definitely fit my streetstyle outfit.

Also, my bracelet in the above picture is a souvenir my boyfriend got me from South-Africa. Its proceeds went towards supporting the rhinos, which is such a cool concept to me! It’s an adorable bracelet as well, but the thought behind it makes it even better.

Hat: Dunlop (Thrifted)
Earrings: Unkown (Thrifted)
Ankle bracelet: Unknown
Shoes: Vans x Nightmare Before Christmas

These are my absolute favourite shoes right now! My parents got me these for my birthday last year. They’re the Vans x Nightmare Before Christmas ComfyCush Authentic model. I really love the pattern on this, because it’s definitely NBC, but it isn’t too in your face. I just love them a lot! NBC is one of my favourite movies if you didn’t know.

Classy style

Top: Yu & Me (Thrifted)
Jeans: Hammerschmid (Thrifted)

I think the hardest way to style these pants is to dress them up, because they are so casual. I did what I could, but I was a bit sad that I left my blazer in Nijmegen, because that would fit so well with this look. Anyways, the thing I did to make it a bit more classy is mainly focus on my figure. That’s why I wore a tight top with a shiny belt. The top is just a bit more covering than other tops, which makes it a bit more chique in my eyes. Also the booties that I wore with these look just have a lot more classy vibes to them than sneakers. It’s quite easy to dress these types of pants up a bit, but you can also use these jeans to dress a classy look down. It’s a great combo in my mind!

Belt: Unknown (I’ve had this one for over 10 years I think!)
Gold 30mm Hoop Earrings: Claire’s (Buy here*)
Gold Cubic Zirconia Studs: Claire’s (Buy here*)
Necklace: JWLZ (Dutch review here)
Shoes: H&M

Grunge style

Top: Primark
Flanel: H&M
Jeans: Hammerschmid (Thrifted)

I think this style is closest to my usual style. I already wear this flanel/croptop combo a lot with some skinny jeans, but I never wore it with the accessories. It’s a lot of fun to turn the grunge up a bit from what I usually do. I added a choker and my cool belt and I felt so freaking awesome! Oversized jeans are a great item for grunge looks, so this style wasn’t too hard to come up with.

Belt & Chains: AliExpress
Black studs: C&A
Silver studs: Souvenir from Scotland
Choker: AliExpress
Amethyst necklace: AliExpress
Shoes: Dr. Martens

Also just a quick tip for wearing mom jeans: when your jeans are very flared out at the bottom, like very straight-legged, and you want them a bit more tapered, just grab the fabric together to make it tighter and then roll up the legs. It helps make the legs just a tad more tapered, which just worked a bit better for my figure. So thats definitely a great tip!

In conclusion, I’m just extremely happy that I got this pair of mom jeans, haha! They fit me great, they’re very easy to style in lots of different styles, and the little duckies on them are just so me. I think, if I wanted, I could add even more styles to this list and make outfits around them, using this pair of jeans as a basis. That’s just what a great pair of pants it is! I really love them, they’re just so comfortable as well. I really recommend you finding a good pair of mom jeans, if you’re into high-waisted jeans. They’re very easy to style and they give such a cute, casual vibe. Really a great addition to your wardrobe! I hope I may have inspired you a bit today to maybe invest in a pair of mom jeans. That’s it for today. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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