Review: Kruidvat Velvet Glow Baked Blush

Recently I’ve really been loving adding blush to my make-up routine. I used to always hate blush and I never wore it, mainly because I didn’t know how to use it properly and I didn’t have any good blushes. So, I decided to buy a blush palette to try out, and I was hooked immediately. Now I wear it almost everyday. So of course, now I needed some extra blushes to expand my collection. When I saw these blushes at Kruidvat just laying there, looking pretty, being vegan, I just grabbed one and paid for it. I didn’t even really think about it, I just quickly decided I needed it. Talk about an impulse buy, right? So today, we’re reviewing this Velvet Glow Baked Blush by Kruidvat. Let’s get into it!

Let’s talk about the packaging first, because I think it’s absolutely adorable. Is it full-on plastic packaging? Yes. So they definitely could have done better with that, but this is the first line of make-up products by Kruidvat and being eco-friendly is not necessarily on their list of aspects. So I’m not mad about it, but it’s just something that I will notice with every single make-up product from every brand I review. However, the packaging is positively cute. It’s a nice square container with beige accents. You can really see the product you’re using, which I love. I also love that Kruidvat’s logo is all over the packaging, but it still looks classy. Kruidvat is a drugstore in the Netherlands, if you’re wondering. So to have their logo on it, but looking good, is quite an accomplishment. I don’t know, I just like the packaging. It’s a great size to carry around as well. The packaging contains 6 grams of product.

The shade that I’m reviewing today is called 010 pastel peach. The blush looks absolutely beautiful inside the container, however I’m not sure if it’s actually a peach shade. I was looking for a peach shade, since I mostly own pink blushes, and next to the other two blushes in the collection, this one definitely looked peachy. But when I’m holding it on its own, it still looks really pink, just with a slight peach undertone. It’s a pretty colour nonetheless, but I don’t think it deserves the name ‘pastel peach’. In the pan there seems to be the slightest of shimmers present, but you have to look very close to see it. So don’t expect to see this resulting in anything on your face.

And now for the swatch. As you can see, the shade still comes off as very pink. I do think it’s a very pretty colour, it just isn’t that peachy. So if you’re actually looking for a peach shade, this one is not for you. Anyways, the blush feels super soft to the touch, maybe a tiny bit chalky, but it feels nice. It gives a good amount of pigment while swatching, especially for a blush. I don’t want my blushes to be too pigmented, because then they’re almost impossible to work with, so this one definitely has a good pigmentation.

In this picture I’m wearing the blush on my cheeks and nose. I really like to start slow with blush and then build my way up if I want a brighter result, and I think that’s the best way a blush can be. Most people like to wear blush to just subtly add some colour to their face, so it’s better if the blush isn’t that pigmented, but is very buildable. This is definitely that. It applies easily and blends pretty well, and you can build it up if you want some more colour. As you can see, on the cheeks the blush does look very pink. It’s a pretty colour and it suits my skin well, but it’s not a peach. Sorry if I sound petty about this, I just really wanted a peach blush! Haha.

Anyways, I do think that this blush is more for the everyday kinda gal, who likes to add some colour back to her face after applying concealer or foundation. It is buildable, but I don’t think you can easily create an e-girl type blush look with it. And that’s okay. Kruidvat is definitely a store and brand for the everyday woman, and not for people doing crazy make-up looks like I do sometimes. So that’s just something to keep in mind before choosing one of their blushes, or any of their other products for that matter. I do really like the colour and I like the fact that it’s cute packaging, it’s a great size, and it’s vegan. I’m a big advocate for cruelty-free beauty, and it makes me even happier when brands decide to create vegan beauty products. I’m definitely well on my way to creating a vegan beauty collection, and this blush is a great addition to that.

In conclusion, I think it’s a cute blush. The low price and the fact that it’s vegan are definitely a big plus for me. It is however a more everyday kinda product, but that is something I can always find a use for. Plus, it makes it more accessible for others who are not big into crazy make-up looks. I really enjoy this Velvet Glow Baked Blush by Kruidvat, especially for the price. So, if you’re from Holland, or you know someone from here, or you’re visiting Holland soon: don’t forget to visit a big Kruidvat for all your budget beauty brands, and maybe you can pick up one of these blushes there as well, if you’re already there anyways. For now I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

Kruidvat Velvet Glow Baked Blush is available at Kruidvat (in stores and online) for €3.99

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