How to Do Makeup When You Wear Glasses | Beauty Tips

Most often I wear my contact lenses, which give me great space and opportunity to wear a lot of makeup and experiment with it. It also makes me feel very confident. However, some days I just don’t feel like wearing contacts, so then I just wear my glasses. But does that mean I can’t wear any makeup and I have to look like a slump all day? No, of course not! Recently I’ve been experimenting with the makeup and glasses combo and trying out what works and what not. So I have compiled a small list of tips, which may be useful to you as well, when you’re still figuring out how to wear your makeup together with your glasses. I guess we’ll just get into it!

We’ll start with this picture, so you can actually see how I wear my makeup. Now, after playing with it a bit, I realized that my makeup should be different when I’m wearing glasses from when I’m wearing contacts. This has a couple reasons. First of all, I’m as blind as a bat when I’m not wearing my glasses, and you can’t put on makeup without taking off your glasses. So I had to do a simple look, which I would be able to do while being blind and looking up close in a small mirror. Nothing too complicated, no crazy colours or eyeliners. Just a simple look which makes me look like I spent some time on my appearance. This is just something that you have to find out for yourself, what you are able to do without wearing your glasses.

Another thing that’s different when you’re wearing glasses is of course the glasses themselves. Mine are pretty big and a bit dark, so they are pretty prominent. To counter this, I need to bring the attention back to my eyes, by doing some eyeshadow and mascara. Also, because the dark glasses already frame my face so much, I needed to do my eyebrows a lot lighter than I usually do. Otherwise it will look weird to have some kind of double framing going on. I applied my eyebrow powder a lot less heavy than I usually do and I focussed more on the eyebrow gel to get some texture in my brows.

For the face makeup I tried to focus a bit more on the contour, but I’m not that good at it. I tried to contour my nose a bit more, because the big glasses make my nose look a lot bigger as well. So I tried to shrink it down with a little bit of contour, but that didn’t turn out as great, haha. I also tried to get some colour in my face, because the dark big glasses tend to wash me out a little bit. So I did wear some concealer and powder, but I brought some colour back with bronzer and blush. The highlighter I kept a bit subtle. Just try to see what features look different when you’re wearing glasses, and if you want to change that a bit. Bringing colour back in your face is always a good idea!

For the eyes I wanted to bring some depth, to bring the attention back to my actual eyeballs. So I chose a warm brown shade, because those shades work best with my skin tone and the colour of my glasses. I tried to really deepen the crease and the outer V, and keep the rest of my lid fairly light and shimmery. This really brings the attention to the centre of my eyes. I also wanted to apply big lashes, but falsies are just too uncomfortable when you’re wearing glasses. So try to get a good, false lash effect mascara to get some fluffy and big lashes. You really want them to stand out, because glasses tend to make your eyes look smaller, and you want the focus to be on your eyes more than on your glasses.

Finally, for the lips I wanted to keep it simple. I already brought the attention back to my eyes with eyeshadow, so I didn’t want to get all crazy on the lips. You can definitely do that if you want, but then maybe opt for a simple, black wing in stead of some eyeshadow. Just to also keep attention on your eyes, but bring the main focus to your lips with a good, red lipstick. I just chose to do a subtle lip. So for this I chose a nude-ish pink lipstick and just dabbed some onto my lips using my fingers. It’s an easy way to keep lipstick light and simple.

And that’s my makeup look for days when I’m wearing glasses! In conclusion, the main tips are to keep the eyebrows light, because the glasses are already framing your face, and to bring the focus to your eyes using either eyeliner or some nice eyeshadow, and some big lashes. Don’t make it too complicated for yourself. If you often wear more lighter glasses, these tips may not be exactly for you. You can maybe focus more on the eyebrows then, but that’s something you got to experiment with. I don’t have any experience with lighter coloured glasses, so sadly I can’t help you with that. However, I hope these tips were a bit helpful for you. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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