Review: Essence Wanna Bee My Honey Trend Edition

When Essence announced they were going to release a collection inspired by bees and honey, I was on the one hand very excited, but on the other very skeptical. I was afraid they were going to release a collection made with honey, which would actually be a lot worse for the bees. Thankfully they didn’t do that, but they actually released a very fun, all vegan, make-up collection. I love what this trend edition represents and I’m the biggest fan of bees and the colour yellow. So I just had to get myself some of the products, and I will be reviewing them today. Let’s get into the Essence Wanna Bee My Honey trend edition!

So let’s talk a bit about this collection. Like I said, it’s a collection inspired by bees and honey. Every product has in some way to do with those two things and all products have a soft honey scent to them. The collection is also completely vegan, which I think is amazing, and it has a lot of sustainable aspects to it. They tried to use the least amount of plastic possible, so most packaging is cardboard or glass. They also included a set of reusable make-up wipes. I really wanted these as well, but they were sold out where I ordered this, so I’m a bit sad I couldn’t get them. But when I get the opportunity to get them somewhere, I definitely will! I really like this idea of a vegan and sustainable collection, which is also affordable and with a cute theme. And besides that, Essence also donated €20.000 to the Green Forest Fund, which helped create a bee paradise. I think it’s a great cause and I really enjoy a brand which looks out for the environment.

Essence Wanna Bee My Honey Luminizing Primer

Let’s start with the first product, which is the Luminizing Primer. Like I said, Essence tried to use less plastic in this collection, so this container is actually made of glass. Just the lid and pump are plastic. To me a glass bottle also looks and feels more expensive than a plastic one, so it worked in their advantage a lot. The primer itself looks really cute. You can clearly see the shimmers and the gold flakes in the primer. These flakes should evenly distribute across your face and help with giving you a healthy glow. The primer is also supposed to have a soft honey scent.

It took quite a lot of pumping before the first product came out, but when it eventually started working it worked great. The pump gives just a decent amount. You can either use one or two pumps for your entire face, and it’ll be really covered. In the picture above I applied the primer to my hand. You can see that my skin looks very moisturized and glowy. However, there’s not a lot of golden flakes. After applying the primer to my face, I noticed that it did minimize my pores a lot. My nose was almost completely smooth! But again, not many gold flakes. I’m just not sure if more gold flakes would actually look better, because you’d just get weird random glitters on your face. So I’m not too mad about the flake distribution. The primer does have a honey scent, but it also smells a lot like soap. So more like honey based soap. It is a very pleasant scent, but it is quite strong and there is perfume in this product, so keep that in mind if you’re not too big on that sort of thing. The only thing that is actually a problem to me and which I don’t like about this primer, is how my foundation sat on it. It just wouldn’t stick to my skin well and turned out very patchy. Maybe it’s just that specific foundation/primer combo, but it’s something to look out for. So in general it’s a good and nicely smelling primer, but there are some negative aspects to it. I think I’d give it a 5.5/10.

Essence Wanna Bee My Honey Luminizing Primer is available online and in drugstores for €3.79

Essence Wanna Bee My Honey Mattifying Fixing Powder

Let’s get onto the second product, which is the mattifying fixing powder. I really enjoy the packaging of this powder. It’s completely cardboard, and it just looks adorable. I also like that it closes with an elastic. It’s cute and it feels sturdy, plus it’s better for the environment. What else do you want? This powder is also supposed to have a soft honey scent to it, and it kind of does. It does have a completely different smell than the primer, but you can definitely smell honey in there. It just smells very sweet and soft, like it’s mixed with vanilla or something. It’s a very enjoyable smell and it does not linger too much on your face.

The powder also looks absolutely adorable on the inside. There’s some beehives and text pressed into the powder, which really adds to the look. The fixing powder was very easy in use and it gave great results. It’s a translucent powder, and it doesn’t leave a white fade on the skin. It blends into your base make-up and makes it completely matte. It’s a very good powder, especially for the price. I’d give it an 8/10.

Essence Wanna Bee My Honey Mattifying Fixing Powder is available online and in drugstores for €2.99

Essence Wanna Bee My Honey Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

And I left the most exciting product for last: the eyeshadow & highlighter palette. I really wanted this palette, since yellow is my favourite colour and I could always use more yellow eyeshadows. Again, this palette is made completely out of cardboard, which is great, and it closes with a magnet. It is quite a bit bigger than I expected, since I expected it to be the usual 9 pan palette size Essence has. However, this palette also has highlighters, which have bigger pans, so the palette is of course also a little bigger. It’s still a decent size to carry around however.

The inside of the palette looks positively cute as well. The pans are hexagon shaped, and it’s clear which pans contain highlighters. But I’m just gonna jump in and say what I always say: I don’t like that the shades don’t have names. It’s not that much work to come up with eight shade names and print them onto the cardboard. It could’ve added a lot to the palette and made the palette feel a lot more professional. Plus it’s a lot easier for bloggers like me to explain to our readers which shades we’re using. I always say this, because it’s just a thing that keeps popping up with budget brands. It’s sad, but okay. The palette is also said to have a soft honey scent, but this one is again different from the other two products. I do think this one smells the most like honey out of the three. It is a very pleasant smell, but you won’t notice any of it when you’re using it.

Anyways, let’s talk about the shades. The palette has two matte shades, which are the bright yellow shade and the beige shade on the left. I’m really confused about this beige shade. There is no shade in the palette to help deepen up the look with, like a yellow-toned darker brown, but there is a very pale beige shade which almost no-one can use? It is the perfect shade for my skintone to use as a blending tool, but I’m about the only person on this planet who is that pale. To a lot of other people this shade would be unuseable. It just seems like it doesn’t add anything to the palette. They could’ve added such a pretty darker shade, which would’ve been more useful to everyone. So that’s just something that I don’t like about the shade range. The other shades are beautiful, though. The yellow is a nice orangey/golden yellow, which definitely fits the honey theme. There is also a lightbrown/golden shimmer, a very pale yellow shimmer, and a golden/orange shimmer. But the best colour in the palette is the golden glitter/shimmer. It’s just beautiful. The highlight shades also look good, even though the darker shade is too dark for me to use. But it could be very pretty on darker skintones.

Above are the eyeshadow swatches pictured. I just went from left to right in the palette, so I hope you can link the swatch to the right shade (which could’ve been so much easier if they added shade names, right?). The swatches all generally have a good pay-off. None of them feel too chalky or dry, and the golden glitter shade feels just so creamy and nice. They are all nice colours and they swatch well, but even when looking at this, I feel like the beige shade just adds nothing to the picture.

In the picture above I swatched the highlighters, with the lighter highlighter to the left. Both highlighters swatch great and are pretty pigmented. They both have a golden sheen to them, and aren’t too glittery. The darker shade is definitely meant for darker skintones, and I think it would look so good on darker skin. The lighter shade is absolutely perfect for pale people like me. I really enjoy these highlighters, they have a nice formula.

The palette is a great addition to anyones collection who is slightly into yellow tones. The shades aren’t too yellow, but are actually very golden. The shades do miss a bit of depth, so there aren’t like thousands of looks to create with this palette, but it is a nice combination of shades. I’m just certain that if they had switched the light beige shade out for a matte darker brown, you could’ve done so much more with this palette. You could’ve created light yellow/golden looks, like you’re able to now, but you could’ve also deepened out those looks and created more dimension in them. Plus you could’ve created neutral looks in combination with the more brown shimmer. I’m just a bit mad that they kept that useless beige shade and didn’t create more depth, haha. Besides that, it’s a great palette with a great colour range and lovely highlighters. The shades blend very well on the eyes and the golden glitter is just absolutely beautiful. The highlighters are nicely buildable and give an amazing glow. It’s a nice palette! I’d rate it an 8/10.

Essence Wanna Bee My Honey Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette is available online and in drugstores for €7.99

In conclusion, this is a very fun collection. I didn’t get any more from this collection because I didn’t need it, and I’m very thoughtful about the products I’m buying and using, so I sadly can’t review more of it. But these three products are mostly great. I’m still not sure about the primer, but I’m definitely going to use it more often to see if I can get my foundation to stick to it. The powder and the palette are both great and very useful. I also just really enjoy what this collection represents. They really did well with the concept of this trend edition, there are just a few things which could’ve been executed better. But overall they are great items, with a great cause and a very cute look. I’d definitely recommend checking a few of the items out if you can find them. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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