Review: HEMA Reusable Make-up Removing Cloths

I was doing some casual online shopping at HEMA (when am I not?) and I ran into these reusable make-up wipes. I’ve been looking to get something like this for a while now, but everything similar seems to be so expensive. Except for these ones. So when I saw them I immediately added them to my order and paid for them. I was so curious to see if something like this actually worked! Make-up cloths which only need water to remove make-up? It just sounds too good to be true, especially for this price. Let’s see if the myths are actually true!

The packaging of these cloths is so weird to me. First of all, why is it completely made out of plastic? You’re giving us reusable wipes which are very ecofriendly, and which could have been packaged perfectly in cardboard packaging. So, that’s something for HEMA to work on, but the packaging in itself doesn’t look to shabby. I’m just very confused by the water splash on the front. It looks like the blue ink has leaked all over the packaging. But no, it’s actually printed on and it’s supposed to be there. It just looks a bit odd. Besides that, the packaging looks fine. I just would have preferred cardboard packaging, but we can’t all have what we want.

The cloths themselves come in three cute colours. I love the pink and grey combo! They are about 20 cm by 15 cm in size, which is a great size to use on your face. The fabric seems very similar to fleece and it feels extremely soft and comfortable. You are supposed to drench these babies in water and just wipe off your make-up. Then you should wash them on 40 degrees Celcius and dry them (they can also be tumbledried). You can’t flatiron them. After they are washed you can just use them again.

The cloths took off my make-up very easily. They also felt extremely soft on my face and I felt like I could actually rub on my eyeballs a bit to get all the nitty gritty off, without it feeling like I’m damaging my skin. They feel great and do their job. They also took off my waterproof eyeliner quite easily. It does take a bit more rubbing and such, but it did come off. If I wear a full face of make-up, it takes me about one side of such a cloth to take off my entire face. So I can actually use this cloth two times before having to wash it.

I washed the cloths on 60 degrees instead of 40, because 40 doesn’t get all bacteria and such out as well. But even after washing on 60, the cloths seemed just fine. They were completely clean again, even dark mascara and eyeliner stains came out. It was a very easy process, and after washing I could just use them again.

In conclusion, these cloths are great for everyday use. They’re also perfect to take with you when you’re going somewhere and you don’t want to bring your collection of make-up removers. These cloths are definitely a lot easier and better for your skin and environment than those disposable make-up wipes. And in the long run, these will last you longer and are therefore also cheaper. So these are great to invest in, especially when it’s such an affordable investment. Just remember to wash them often, so you don’t get any bacterial build in them, and you’ll be fine. I would definitely recommend them! I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

The HEMA Make-up Removing Cloths are available online and in stores for €4.50


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