The Best Low-Budget VEGAN Beauty Products!

Recently I’ve started expanding my vegan beauty collection. My collection is already completely cruelty free, but I think having vegan products is also important. Because why should an innocent being have to suffer for us to look pretty? It’s perfectly possible to look and feel pretty without using animals. So that’s why I wanted to make a post dedicated to my favourite vegan beauty products, which are also very affordable, to show you how easy it is to create a vegan beauty collection. And that vegan products are definitely not any less good than other products. Let’s get into it!

HEMA Face Cream 50 SPF

€6.50 at HEMA (Online and in stores)

I recently bough this face cream from the HEMA. I really needed to add a sunscreen to my beauty collection, since I tend to get sunburned very easily, and especially on my face. So I got this SPF 50 face cream which protects against both UVA and UVB (not all sunscreens do this, so keep that in mind) and is water resistant. It smears very easily and it smells great. It also doesn’t leave my skin feeling extremely oily or greasy. A great item to add to your daily skincare in summer!

Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder

€2.99 at drug stores (Online and in store)

You can tell that this powder is very much loved in my make-up stash. It is also one of my all time favourite make-up products. It’s super affordable, easy to use, and it does exactly what it needs to do. This is already my fourth container and I’m almost through, so I’m definitely getting a new one! It perfectly mattifies your skin and it does not leave any weird whiteness to your skin. It’s a transparent powder so it’s perfect for every skintone. It also doesn’t have any weird smells to it and it just makes your skin feel so nice and soft. I really recommend this one!

Kruidvat Velvet Glow Baked Blush

Shade 010 Pastel Peach
€3.99 at Kruidvat (Online and in stores)

I just recently got this blush and I wrote an entire review about it. You can find it here if you want to read that as well. It’s just a really nice, subtle blush which is easily buildable. It’s available in two other shades which also look amazing. It’s affordable and adorable, what else do you want?

Essence The Highlighter

Shade 20 Hypnotic
€2.49 in drugstores (Online and in stores)

When I first got this highlighter I really didn’t like it. I wrote a review about it (which you can find here) and I remember not being too enthusiastic in it. However, after using it a few more times, I’ve grown to absolutely love this one. It gives an amazing shine and it makes my face look very glowy and bright. It’s more of a shiny highlighter than a glitter-y highlighter, which is amazing for the glowy base trend that’s going on right now. It’s easily buildable and makes my face shine like never before. I am absolutely in love with this one. I really recommend trying it out!

Catrice Ultimate Matt Lipstick / Catrice Demi Matt Lipstick

Shade 010 Coffee, MATTmoiselle?
€3.99 in drugstores (Online and in stores)

As you can see I’ve already used quite a bit of this lipstick. When I first got it I wrote a review on it, which you can find here. Ever since, I have declared this one to be my favourite lipstick. It stays long, feels very comfortable on the lips, and looks decently matte for a budget lipstick. This colour is also the perfect match for my skin tone. It’s a great lipstick! However, I am very sad to say that this particular lipstick will soon leave the collection. The good thing is that Catrice now also sells Demi Matt lipsticks, which are quite similar, and which also have a few of the same shades available. This particular shade in the Demi Matt range is number 030 instead of 010. So just a tip if you still want to go hunting for this lipstick! And yes, the new range is also vegan, just like this one!

HEMA 24h Cream Gel

€3.50 at HEMA (Online and in stores)

One of my favourite skincare products right now is this cream gel from HEMA. It feels rich and moisturizing, but it doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy. It really helped to lift up my skin and fight the dryness and flakiness around my nose. It really is a great product and I think it’s the first skincare product ever that I’m going to finish up. I really recommend this one! There is also a version for more sensitive and dry skin available.

Catrice ICONails

Shade 73 I Have a Blush On You
€2,99 in drugstores (Online and in stores)

My final recommendation for today will be almost all Catrice ICONails. They have great colours, apply easily, and have a great colour range. And (almost) all of them are vegan. It’s a great range of products and my favourite colour is definitely this one. It was almost completely opaque with one layer! Isn’t that crazy? A great addition to your nailpolish collection!

Those were my favourite vegan beauty products. If you’re ever looking for some affordable vegan products, HEMA, Catrice, and Essence are great brands to look at. Catrice is almost fully vegan, Essence is creating more and more vegan products everyday, and HEMA skin/body care is almost completely vegan, plus they have a vegan make-up line (BAE). The new Kruidvat make-up line is also vegan. Other vegan and affordable brands I haven’t tried yet, so if you have some recommendations, don’t hesitate to put them in the comments so I can also give those a try. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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