Four Reasons Why You Should Shop Secondhand

I am a big fan of secondhand fashion. It almost only has pros. Literally the only con to it is that sometimes it’s hard to find specific items. But nowadays even that is easier to do with all the secondhand clothing apps going around, where you can search exactly for what you need. So, with a thing that has so little cons, what exactly are the pros? Today I tell you four big reasons why shopping secondhand clothing is such a great thing. Let’s get into it!

1 | Secondhand is budget-friendly

I am just a student living on a small budget, but I do love to experiment with my looks and have an extensive wardrobe. That’s why I started shopping secondhand. My first few rounds to the thriftstore gave me so many cute items to work with, for such a low price, I was immediately sold. My wardrobe has expanded with a very big amount the past year. Usually I’d buy around 10 new items in a year, where I’ve bought around 50 last year. And I spent less than €150 on all of it! It’s literally the best way to find cute items for a low price. If you want to see how many items I’ve bought, I uploaded a video last year where I show you all my thriftstore finds up till then. You can find that here.

2 | Find unique pieces

The best part of secondhand shopping is the search. I can go hours nosing through all the stuff in a store and sometimes this results in me finding some absolute beauties. And the best thing: no one I know has the same items! I have a bunch of really cool blouses and dresses, and they’re all unique. I really enjoy being able to build my own, unique style and to stand out from the crowd, while still keeping it fashionable. The best way to find unique pieces is just to go out and search through thriftstores and sites like Vinted and Depop. I can guarantee you can find stuff no one else has!

3 | Secondhand is better for the environment

We can all agree that the environment needs a bit of a helping hand right now, right? Why not implement this in your shopping habits as well? The fashion industry is very hard on the environment. It takes a lot of water to produce the clothing you’re wearing. Plus, clothing production results in a lot of pollution. There are lots of pesticides used when growing cotton, which will pollute the ground and can cause biodiversity loss. Also the production in the factories causes a lot of air and water pollution. Think about the machines that have to run and the chemicals used when dying fabric. The fashion industry just has a huge impact on the environment, and there’s not much you can change about that right away. However, you can invest more in secondhand fashion. When buying secondhand you’re giving clothes a second life, so they’re not quickly thrown out and contributing to even more pollution. You also make the demand for new clothing lower. When more people shop secondhand, the demand for clothing will go down, and therefore the supply will go down as well. Which, of course, is better for the environment because there’ll be less polution. And secondhand clothing isn’t any less good or fun. It’s a great way to help the environment, while helping your wallet at the same time.

4 | Going against the fast fashion industry

This kind of has to do with point three on this list. The fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment, but also on people. Especially the fast fashion industry. The fast fashion industry is built around cheap clothing which won’t last long. So, definitely not sustainable. But if you think about it, how can this industry provide such cheap clothing? Well, because this industry is based on slave labour. The workers who make your clothing have to work in very poor conditions and get paid the littlest amount possible. The fast fashion industry is everything but ethical. So when you decide to invest your money in secondhand items, instead of directly into the fast fashion industry, you’re showing that you don’t want this industry to keep on going. Exactly the same with the environmental aspects. Nowadays you vote with your money and by buying secondhand you’re not putting money in these unethical and unsustainable industries. Lower demand is lower supply, so hopefully these terrible industries will be toned down in the future.

And those were four good reasons why you should shop secondhand. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t shop new clothing anymore and that you should only shop secondhand. I’m just stating the benefits of when you do buy secondhand fashion. I sometimes still buy new items, because they just aren’t available secondhand or because it’s something of higher quality that I want to invest in. There’s nothing wrong with buying new fashion, I just wanted to show you why you should try secondhand fashion as well. It’s fun, it’s affordable and it has so many ethical and environmental benefits. What’s there not to love? You should definitely give it a try and go search through some thriftstores. Who knows what treasures you may find? I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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