I Got My Disposable Camera Developed…

Last year I decided I wanted to give a disposable camera a try. It seemed so fun to me and I’ve never used one in my life, so I felt like it was time. I bought mine while on holiday in Germany and I took pictures throughout the rest of 2019. I finally managed to get them developed and I’m quite happy with the results. Next time I’m not using a disposable anymore, but I’ll use an analog camera. That’s because only 17 of my 27 pictures turned out somewhat readable. Which is quite sad, since I did take some pictures which I was very excited about, but I’m never getting those back. Anyways, the pictures that did turn out are pretty fun ones, so I thought I’d show some of them to you. Let’s get into it!

Since I bought my camera in Germany, we also start our journey in Germany. This is a view of the Bodensee at the Kreuzlinger Seenachtsfest (which is actually in Switzerland, but we were staying in Germany). It was a really fun evening, and I also took a picture of the fireworks, but that one didn’t turn out right sadly… It is however a very fun festival to go to sometime, especially for the insane fireworkshow.

The Seenachtsfest also had a big carnival, which was so fun! I hadn’t been to one in ages and I just love the octopus attraction, so I rode that one like three times in a row.
Another view of the beautiful Bodensee. The weather was amazing this day!

From Germany and Switzerland we move on to Prague, Czech Republic. We spent a couple days here, and I’m just sad this picture turned out a little dark. This was in the Cubist Café (Grand Café Orient), which was so extremely pretty on the inside! They also had lovely pastries of which most were cube shaped. It’s a really great spot to visit some time. It’s never extremely busy, since tourists don’t really know where it is. The stairs towards this 1st floor café are also really beautiful. Definitely a great photo and food spot.

We had the yummiest Off Beat donuts after a long hike through Prague. Really sad you can’t get these in Holland.
A picture of the National Museum
I am assuming this is a church in Prague, but I am not completely sure, haha!

And since we’ve moved on from Prague, we’re now back in the Netherlands. Enjoy this picture of me at a party with a few drinks down. I am awaiting the day we can do this sort of thing freely again and I can hug all my friends again. Until then I’ll just have this picture and the ones I took of my friends (which I won’t be sharing, of course).

We also went to a YUNGBLUD concert last september, which was really great. We do have some concerts still on the planning, but I am just assuming those will be postponed as well. Just like the parties, I can’t wait until I can visit a concert again and be amongst my kindred spirits (how cheesy does that sound?).

At the end of 2019 we had a small citytrip to Berlin. It’s a bit sad, because I did take a lot more pictures in Berlin, but most of them just turned black. Lesson learned, from now on I’m using an analog camera! This picture however did turn out pretty good. I just love the vibes in this one!

And I’ll end this blog post with a picture of me, writing a blog post. This is how I spend most of my time: cosied up in my boyfriend’s bed, typing away on my laptop. I’m doing the very thing right at this moment. It’s just a comfortable way to work on the blog, and now you know how the behind the scenes of Bottle of Happiness look like! I hope you enjoyed this article as well. I had a lot of fun going through my pictures and seeing what I was seeing a few months ago. It definitely made me long for ‘normal life’ again, with everything that’s going on. I’m hoping we are able to move forward soon and go towards a better future with the enjoyable things of the past. We’ll see when that happens. I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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