Recreating My 2019 Festival Outfit

Exactly a year ago this weekend, I was singing my lungs out to my favourite music at the Zwarte Cross festival. It’s the only big festival I’ve ever been to and it’s the exact vibe I’m looking for. Very casual, smaller bands, but so, so many different styles of music to choose from. It’s also definitely not one of those Coachella type festivals where everybody dresses up. So no, I wasn’t wearing a crazy, glitter-filled outfit last year. This year we were supposed to go again, but of course this couldn’t happen due to the current crisis. It’s sad, but what can you do about it? We’ll just have to do with reminiscing and looking forward to next year. So I thought, why not recreate last year’s outfit to live in that moment again?

Top: Primark
Blouse: Bijenkorf (Thrifted)
Shorts: Primark (Thrifted)
Belt: H&M

Like I said, this outfit was quite simple and not at all like the typical festival outfits you find on Instagram. I just wanted to go for something that I could feel comfortable in, but also deal with the heat in. It was a very hot day and we were very lucky with the warm weather, so I opted for shorts and a simple top. I tend to get sunburned quite easily and we weren’t allowed to bring our sunscreen onto the terrain (we had spray-on sunscreen), so I brought my favourite funky blouse. A blouse is my absolute favourite item to add to a simple summer look. It’s airy and easy to tie around the waist if you don’t want to wear it, but you can also cover your easily burned shoulders with it. And I like how it stands out, while the rest of the outfit is so simple. This blouse has a cool painting pattern all over it, and I love it so much!

Glasses: AliExpress
Shoes: FABS

Last year I wore my old, white sneakers. They fit the look well, are very comfortable to walk and dance in all day, and they’re allowed to get dirty. The thing about the Zwarte Cross is that it’s a music festival mixed with motor cross. So it’s on a big terrain which are usually just pastures and the floor is mainly composed of dirt and mud. New shoes just aren’t safe there. To add a little extra to my outfit and make it more me, I added a funky pair of sunglasses. This is also because my eyes aren’t very good with sunshine, so they’re just handy to have with you. But they also add a little something to the outfit, since it’s such a simple fit. I didn’t want to add any other jewelry, since it can get very crowded and I don’t want to get all tied up in jewelry with other people, ya know? If I went to a more boho festival, I would’ve definitely added more jewelry, but this type of festival just doesn’t have that kind of vibe. It’s very casual and there are a lot of different types of people there since there’s so many styles of music.

It’s a very simple outfit, but I was very comfortable in it all day. Even when it started raining and when the sun was burning on my skin. It’s just great to have such a light throw-on piece with you, so that’s a great tip for festival outfits! I like to keep it casual and simple, but still stand out a tiny bit. I feel like the blouse and the sunglasses really helped with that. And that’s it: my 2019 festival outfit! I’m really excited to go again next year, for this year I’ll just listen to some fun music at home. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

BONUS: A picture of me at the Zwarte Cross 2019


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