Review: LeniLash Synthetic False Eyelashes (Lashes by Kosmetik4Less)

I recently have been looking for some nice, new lashes, since most of my lashes were dying. So when I ordered some new make-up from Kosmetik4Less, I thought, ‘might as well add some lashes to my cart’. And that’s what I did. I ordered some of their cheaper, human-hair lashes, and one pair of their newer, more expensive (but still affordable), synthetic lashes. And that’s what I’m reviewing today! I tried out the synthetic 3D eyelashes a few times now, and I’m going to tell you all about them. Let’s get into it!

I got the LeniLash 3D Eyelashes in the style Dazzle. This is a special party edition lash, which you can clearly see. The box which it comes in is a lot more classy looking than their usual packaging. I’m not saying their usual packaging is bad, I’m just saying that this one is even prettier! It’s a really nice black/silver marble type packaging, which clearly displays the lashes. The box has a simple shape, which makes it very easy to store. The only thing that I would’ve liked better is if the name of the style was more prominently displayed on the box, like maybe on the side. This way you could store your lashes somewhere and quickly glance over them and pick the right style, without having to go through all the boxes. But that’s just a minor thing. Besides that, I really enjoy the packaging.

The lashes are displayed on a plastic container, just like almost every lash in the business. It’s very basic, but it does its job, and I’d rather pay less for something like this, than pay a lot extra for the lash to be on a more special background. It’s about the lashes anyways. This box does not come with lash glue, which I’m not too mad about. I don’t like using those small lash glues anyways. I bought a low-budget lash adhesive which I always use, so I don’t need the small glues which come with the lashes. But that’s just my opinion. For others the mini glues can be very handy. So that’s something to keep in mind: these lashes don’t come with glue!

I tried to take a close up of these beautiful lashes, but it was very hard to get their beauty captured like that. These lashes look so amazing! The second I got them I was a bit scared, because I thought I may had accidentally gotten some real mink lashes, which I definitely don’t want (article coming on that soon!). But nope, these are really synthetic! They feel so extremely light and look so insanely fluffy. I’m blown away! They are 3D strip lashes, so in the pic above I tried to show the 3D part of it. They kind of have two layers of lashes to give them a more full and natural look. I really enjoy that!

And of course I head to include a picture of me wearing the lashes. I can only say that this is my new favourite pair! They feel so light on my eyes, while looking really full. The lashes grow longer towards the outer end of the eye, which gives such a nice look and really elevates any winged liner. I’m also just really impressed with the fibers of these lashes. I have a few very pretty, more expensive lashes, but close up they look a bit stumpy. As if the individual lashes have the same thickness throughout the lash and end in a stump. These fibers look really natural, since the individual lashes each get a bit thinner towards their end and end more in a point. It’s a bit hard to explain, sorry, but I just really love the look of these. They have everything going for them: they are affordable, cruelty-free, light-weight, super-fluffy and have a beautiful shape. There’s just nothing that you can’t love about these.

In conclusion: I think these are about the best low-budget lashes that I’ve tried! I find them quite easy to apply, even with my lack of skills. And you just can’t say that they’re not beautiful. They may be a bit short for some people, but for my (slightly) hooded eyelids they are the perfect length. The band length is a lot longer than with other lashes I’ve tried, so if you struggle a bit with having lashes being to small for your eyes, these may just do the trick. I don’t know what else to say. I just really love these, and next time I’m ordering from Kosmetik4Less, I think I’ll order more! If you’re thinking of getting these, you can get them at Kosmetik4Less. LeniLash is their own brand, so you can only get these on their website, but they do have international shipping. If you’re looking to buy these specific lashes, you can buy them here. I really recommend them! I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

LeniLash 3D Eyelashes in Dazzle (Black) are available on for €7.75 (international shipping).

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