The Daily Life of a Student | Photo Diary Week 30

I have been thinking and brainstorming for so long on ways to incorporate a bit more personality into my blog. I like to have a business and beauty aspect to it, but I also like it to be personal. It’s my own little place on the internet, after all. So, I’ve been trying to start a photo diary, but I noticed that I’m absolutely terrible at it. I keep forgetting to take pictures of daily things, since I’m not used to doing it. I kept pushing starting this series until I finally managed to take enough pictures, but that day just wouldn’t come. So, today I’m just going to start. I am going to do a weekly segment on Bottle of Happiness where I share (some) pictures of my week and I tell you what I’ve done that week. I don’t have pictures for each day, but I’ll learn to do that eventually. For now, let’s just get started on my week 30!

Monday July 20th

My Pilea mama and her babies

This monday was my first really productive day in a few weeks. I managed to wake up early and go through my entire to-do list. I took blog pictures, did some make-up looks for Instagram and I even managed to slip in both breakfast and lunch. I’m very proud of myself for that! I also had some time to finally put my Pilea cuttings in their own little jars. I thought it’d take a while, but I was done within twenty minutes. And don’t they look adorable?

Tuesday July 21st

In the morning I had to work for a few hours. I have a summerjob at the physiotherapy centre of my boyfriend’s parents as a receptionist. I answer phonecalls, plan appointments and do a bit of paperwork. It’s a very chill job and I’ve really been enjoying it. I don’t have to work that often or that long, but it’s nice to have a tiny bit of extra income of course. After work I just took a nap and waited for my boyfriend to come home from his job. We’re currently staying at our parents’ houses, moving between those places during the week. I stay at his parents from monday to friday due to my job, and we stay with my parents over the weekends. It’s really nice to spend more time with them, especially since we both moved out quite a while ago. So we spent the rest of the day chilling at their place, I played some Animal Crossing and I did some blog work. Same as every other day.

Wednesday July 22nd

My boyfriend works on Wednesdays, so I waved him goodbye in the morning and then I first went back to sleep. After sleeping in a bit I hung out with my ‘in-laws’. And then I just played some Animal Crossing again. Believe me, my life is not that exciting. And still I decided to write a blogpost about it, lol.

Thursday July 23rd

Waiting at the train station

Today I again woke up a bit later than my boyfriend, because he had to go work. I stayed at home, blogged a bit, played Animal Crossing (yes, again) and chilled with his family. After dinner we grabbed all our stuff and moved towards the train station, because we were finally going to spend a weekend at our own places again! We took the train to Eindhoven to my boyfriends’ appartment where we would stay a few days. The train trip was very calm and nothing went wrong, which was nice. Of course we wore our facemasks the entire trip (it’s mandatory here), which was strange but definitely very doable. No complaints here. We got to the appartment at around 11, so we just watched a movie and went to bed early.

Friday July 24th

The Miniso Store
Eating something at Taco Bell with a view of the church

After sleeping in a bit on this fine friday, we took a bus to the centre of Eindhoven and we went for a little shopping spree. We went to a new store called Miniso, which has such adorable stuff. If I was rich, I’d buy everything in that store. I also got some new clothes, since I was in dire need of basic items and I’ve been having trouble finding these in thriftstores. So I just had to get them in a normal store this time. I got some cute items though. It started raining a bit, so we took cover in Taco Bell and had a little snack there (the cinnamon twists are really good), with a nice view of the church. I really like Eindhoven as a city! After shopping we got some groceries and some frozen pizzas for dinner, which were good as well. We then had a nice evening of watching YouTube videos together. It’s so nice to spend some time with just the two of us again. We haven’t had days like this since March, so I really enjoyed that.

Saturday July 25th

An IG story picture of my shoes. Yes, I took a story picture and forgot to take a real picture. Yes, I am stupid.

After sleeping in a bit I spent the morning doing some blog work and doing my make-up, after which we went to the centre again to do a bit more shopping. Bijenkorf had a big sale and my boyfriend likes to shop there, so we went to see if they had anything cute. We didn’t end up buying anything for him. However, I got myself a new pair of shoes! They’re the cutest yellow heels and I’m in love. I guess my shopping budget for this month is gone now! Lol. After that we got home and freshened up a bit, so we could go to the centre again to have dinner. We ate at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. This was my gift for my boyfriend for our four year anniversary, which was on the 21st. I had some really good food, but I was too focused on eating and having a nice moment, that I forgot to take a picture. Oh well. You’ll just have to take my word for it!

Sunday July 26th

A picture of the Five Guys’ bathroom wall. How exciting.

On the last day of this week we decided to sleep in again, which was very nice. Then in the afternoon we had a date with some of our friends who also live here. We know eachother from high school and they all moved to Eindhoven, so we hang out quite often. We just hadn’t seen them in a long while due to quarantine of course. We first went to the arcade together and played some games, which was so much fun! Then we had some food at Five Guys (oh gosh, I love Five Guys). I don’t even have a picture of the food! Just of the bathroom wall, lol. I really need to get better at this picture taking thing. After dinner we wanted to get some beers at our favourite specialty beer café, but sadly it was closed. So we just got some snacks and drinks and went over to our friends’ place to have a fun night of drinking games and chatting. We ended up crashing at their place, since that was a lot easier. And that’s how we ended our fun week!

I really enjoy writing about my week! I like the little personal bit it adds to my blog, but it’s also nice for myself since I tend to lose track of time and forget the fun things I’ve done. So it’s nice to recall such fun moments. I think I’ll be doing this for the next few weeks as well, but excuse me if I forget to take a few pictures. I’m trying to push it into my system that I need to take pictures, but we’ll see how that goes. Let me know if you enjoy such a personal article every once in a while. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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