Review: Miniso Silicone Facial Cleaner

Last week I was nosing around in a new store in Eindhoven called Miniso. It’s one of those stores where you just walk around and you want to put literally everything in your basket. Everything is just so cute! And they have so many different kinds of things. From kitchen stuff, to pillows, to beauty tools. Of course I had to take one of those beauty tools home, especially since they’re so affordable. I chose their Silicone Facial Cleaner with sonic vibrations. I have been curious about these kinds of cleaners for a while now, so it was nice to find them in such an affordable store. If you’re just as curious about what these things do and if they are any good, definitely keep reading!

Let’s start with the packaging. I’m not too excited about the completely plastic packaging, but I feel like that’s just a normal thing for low-budget brands. It just would’ve been so much nicer if the packaging was (almost) completely cardboard. I also feel like that just feels more expensive than a fully plastic box. Anyways, besides that the packaging looks pretty good. It’s clean and simple, which is perfect for low-budget products. I wasn’t expecting anything more to be honest. It’s fine, but it’s also not the main focuspoint of this product of course.

The cleanser is kind of a weird, flattened egg shape. It looks very similar to the famous Foreo skin cleanser, but it’s a lot more affordable, and a bit more oval shaped. On the front side it has the on/off button and two sizes of silicone protrusions. The small protrusions are meant for more sensitive parts of your skin, while the bigger protrusions at the top are meant for hard-to-reach places. I think the egg looks really nice. I chose the soft lavender colour, but I think it’s available in a lot more colours (five total I believe), so there’s a colour for everyone.

The back side of the cleaner is completely covered in big protrusions. These are the biggest ones and they are meant for the oily parts of your face. The cleaner needs one AAA battery to run and it does not have any extra features. It only has one vibration setting and it does not have a timer or anything. It’s a very simplistic version of the expensive cleaners, but that’s what makes it a nice budget option. It promises to exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores and remove dirt and oil. It also states that it’s suitable for all skintypes.

According to the manual, the lines pictured above are the best way to use this cleaner. After I have taken off my makeup I put my usual face wash on my face and then I start working this in using the Silicone Cleaner. I have combination skin so I use mostly the smallest bristles on my entire face, and the bigger bristles on places which need a little extra bit of exfoliating. When I first used it I felt like the vibrations didn’t really do anything. It didn’t feel extreme or anything, so I was very skeptical of what the result was going to be. However, when I washed the cleanser off, my face was so extremely soft! My skin felt better exfoliated than when I use my regular scrub cream. It was super soft and the pores on my nose looked very clean. I didn’t expect such a nice result from such a low-budget beauty tool. The manual also warned for some redness when you’re using this cleaner for the first time, especially with sensitive skin, but I did not experience any redness in my skin. I am very gentle however with using this product, since I don’t want to overexfoliate and damage my skin. So if you have sensitive skin, you should be careful using products like this, but this one is definitely not bad for sensitive skin.

I am not familiar with the expensive Foreo tool, so I can’t say if this one is just as good or not, but I do really enjoy the results that this Silicone Facial Cleaner gives me. My skin never feels this clean and soft after my daily double cleanse, so this tool is definitely a nice addition to my routine to clean my skin extra thoroughly. The manual claims that this cleaner is perfect for day to day use, but I’m not sure I would want to exfoliate my skin everyday. So I’m currently using it every other day. I think it really adds something to my routine and I’ve been really enjoying using this cleaner. The only downside to this cleaner is that it has quite a strong silicone smell. Of course this wears off after a few uses, but in the beginning it’s not that enjoyable. But that’s about the only con I can think off for such a budget cleaner. It does not have all the special add-ons a more expensive version has, but that’s not something you should expect when buying such an affordable version. If you’re looking for a budget version of the popular facial cleaners: this Miniso Silicone Facial Cleaner is definitely a great option! I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

The Silicone Facial Cleaner is available at Miniso stores for €7,50


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