The Daily Life of a Student | Photo Diary Week 31

Welcome back to another installment of: the daily life of a student! Today I’ll be talking about week 31. It started off with a fun weekend in Eindhoven and it ended with a few days in Amsterdam. So, there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s get into it!

Monday July 27th

Our Vegan Heroes order with Onward in the background

We ended last week’s photo diary with a fun evening out with friends. We went to the arcade, ate at Five Guys and had a few drinks. My boyfriend and I then crashed at their place, since that was a lot easier. Waking up on Monday we just chatted for a bit and had pancakes for breakfast. After a few hours of just hanging out, we decided it was time to go home again, so off we went. We were planning on going to the movies, since we have a movie subscription, but we haven’t been able to go the past months. However, we were tired and we just didn’t feel like leaving the house again, so we just stayed at home and ordered food. We ordered Vegan Heroes, which is a vegan fastfood restaurant, and even my meatlover boyfriend loves their food. It’s really good! We spent the rest of the evening eating and watching Onward, which was a lovely movie.

Tuesday July 28th

Our dinner consisting of leftovers and dimsum

What’s this? Another food picture? I just really like taking pictures of my food, lol. On Tuesday I started with some blogwork, after which we cleaned a bit and then went to the thriftstore. There’s a very big thrifstore chain in the Netherlands called Het Goed, which we love shopping at. I always come home with some cute clothes. So I bought myself a nice blouse, and then we moved on to the next stop, which was the ‘toko’. In this case it’s a big Asian supermarket. We got some dimsum and gyoza for dinner and some snacks to try out, different flavours of mochi and a Chupachup soda. So then we had our dinner consisting of vegan leftovers, gyoza and dimsum. The Chupachup drink was actually very good! After dinner we packed our bags and took the train home to our parents’ place.

Wednesday July 29th

My messy desk

On Wednesday morning I waved my boyfriend goodbye when he went off to work. I then took the train home to my own parents, so I could get a change of clothes and hang out with them. My mum and I spent the afternoon visiting local thriftshops and doing grocery shopping. I bought myself some cute plantpots and a little gift for my boyfriend. We had a nice dinner together and then I spent the evening working on some blog stuff, since my parents were both out that evening. It was a very simple, but chill day.

Thursday July 30th

Me doing writing in my boyfriend’s bed

On Thursday I was home alone at first, since my parents had to go to work. Well, I wasn’t exactly home alone. My little brother was home with his girlfriend, and they spend all their time together, so I’m basically home alone anyways, lol. I tried to do some blogwork, but I ended up playing a lot of Animal Crossing and procrastinating my work, oops. Oh well, we can’t be perfect all the time. After dinner with the family, my parents and brother had to do some shopping at Ikea, so they dropped me off at my boyfriend’s parents’ place, since I had work the next morning. My boyfriend went to hang out with friends, so I just chilled in his bed and did a lot of blogwork until it was time for bed. And that’s what my usual blog days look like.

Friday July 31st

Me at work with my cool headphones

Friday started with a couple hours of work. I really enjoy this job, I especially enjoy how funny I look with the headphones on, lol. When I’m not taking calls I’m doing paperwork with some music on, so it’s a very chill job. I worked until 3 and then I biked back to my boyfriend. The rest of the day I had to do more blogwork and editing, since I had to work ahead for the weekend. So I wrote a blogpost and edited a YouTube video and stayed up way too late to finish it. So we went to sleep at around 3 am, with an alarm set for 6:30 am. Fun.

Saturday August 1st

Me at MOCO Museum

After waking up way too early, we went on our way to Amsterdam with my boyfriend’s family. We started our trip with a visit to Moco Museum, which was a lot of fun. We then walked around, did some shopping, had some lunch, and walked some more. After a full afternoon of shopping we went on our way to the hotel, because everyone was way too tired. After a quick nap we went out for dinner at an asian restaurant. I had dimsum as a starter and some veggie dumpling udon noodle soup as a main course. It was so good! We were in the hotel again at around 10:30 and we just ended the night there. So tired.

Sunday August 2nd

Me playing a bit of Animal Crossing in the hotel bed before starting our day

After sleeping in a tiny bit we had breakfast at the hotel and then went on our merry way again. We visited the sundaymarket in Amsterdam, where we ate some nice food and I got some cute items from small businesses. We then went on back home because everyone was exhausted and no one was up for more exploring. So back at home we took another nap and ordered fries for dinner. I had been feeling weirdly dizzy all day, so I spent the rest of the day lying in bed playing animal crossing. Before we went to sleep we watched a few episodes of Umbrella Academy (recommend!) and accidentally went to sleep very late again. Oh well, it’s summer vacation anyways, right? It was a good ending to an exciting week!

So, that was another week in the life of a student. Of course it’s not exactly the student life now, since it’s summer vacation and a pandemic is going on, but I’ll be returning to uni in a month (mostly online) and I am definitely going to keep this segment up. So yes, I’ll see you next week with another photo diary, and I’ll see you tomorrow with a regular article. Goodbye!


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