Cruelty-Free Mink Lashes: Do They Exist?

How many times have I scrolled through Instagram looking at different false lash companies, all stating different things about their cruelty-free mink lashes. I’ve read so many different excuses: the minks live on a free-range farm, they get all the freedom they need, and they are just softly brushed to get the fur for the lashes. I’ve even read some of the weirdest claims like: ‘Our lashes are just made of fur which is found on the floor of the mink cages’. And all these brands claim to be cruelty-free. But can they really be cruelty-free when animals are involved in the process?

Let’s get back to the beginning for a second and talk about what minks are. Minks are rodents found in the wild who are related to ferrets. They may look very adorable, but they are also very territorial and solidary. The males can be very aggressive towards eachother, especially in mating season. Minks most often have shiny, brown fur, which has been used to make coats and lashes for a long while now. That’s why people keep them on farms, to farm their fur and turn it into coats, lashes and more.

Now you may think, what’s wrong with those lashes then? Well, we’ll have to talk about the conditions on such fur farms to answer that question. Minks are never kept on a free-range farm, unlike what some brands say, because that’s just not possible with the nature of the species. They are too territorial and too aggressive towards other minks to keep them free in the same space. That’s why on most farms they are kept in very small cages, stacked on top of eachother. In a lot of cases the conditions are terrible, with minks undergoing a lot of physical and psychological stress. So when a brand states their minks live on a free-range farm, this is most likely a lie to sell you their products.

In some cases brands call themselves cruelty-free, because the minks aren’t killed for their fur. That can be the case, however the minks are kept in such small cages, completely stripped of their freedom and sanity, that you can’t really call their living conditions cruelty-free either. And eventually the minks will still be killed or die of ‘natural’ causes. I say natural between with quotation marks, since they can die of old age, but they will most likely die due to the stress they experience. And that’s not the natural way, of course. So, even when they’re not being killed for their fur, they are still suffering and therefore the lashes are still not cruelty-free.

Whenever you’re wearing mink eyelashes, you’re actually wearing fur. The conditions on the fur farms is 99% of the time NOT cruelty-free and the minks are experiencing a lot of pain and stress. So, even when brands claim they are, your mink lashes are not cruelty-free and you are funding the fur industry. You can decide for yourself if that’s something you want to do. If it’s up to me, there would be no more fur farms. Sadly I don’t get to decide, but I do get to decide where my money goes and what industries I want to fund. So, I will never buy lashes from brands that sell mink lashes. If you’re interested in synthetic or human hair lashes as well, lashes that are NOT made from innocent animals, here’s a few brands that you can try out:

Let’s abolish the fur industry together!


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