The Daily Life of a Student | Photo Diary Week 32

Welcome back to another installment of: the daily life of a student! Today I’ll be talking about week 32. It was a casual mix of working and seeing friends. Not too much exciting stuff happened, but it was a fun week anyways. Let’s get into it!

Monday August 3rd

After our fun weekend in Amsterdam, we were all pretty tired so we just hung around the house all day. I had a quite productive day working on the blog and playing some Animal Crossing in my spare time. There’s not much to say about this day, I don’t think I really did anything else than gaming and working. I also don’t even have a picture of monday lol. Sorry.

Tuesday August 4th

I always start my Tuesdays with a few hours of work. I now work from 8:30 till approx. 3, or whenever I feel like I don’t have anything to add anymore, haha. I then just went home, took a nap, and played some more animal crossing. After my boyfriend got home from work, my dad picked me up so I could go to my parents’ place. So I just chilled with them the entire evening and then I went to bed. Also no picture today, haha.

Wednesday August 5th

My outfit with matching face mask

On wednesday I tried to do a bit of blogwork and I finally filmed a decent video again. I went grocery shopping with my mum somewhere in the afternoon and I got some cute make-up items. I also tried to dress up cute, since we had a birthday party in the evening. We didn’t stay that long at the party since my boyfriend had work the next morning, but it was a lot of fun seeing friends again. So after the party we drove to my boyfriend’s place so we could sleep there.

Thursday August 6th

Editing a video in bed

On Thursday I kind of went back and forth the entire day. I woke up at the same time as my boyfriend to send him off to work. I then had breakfast and chats with his mum and brother. I then drove back to my parents’ place so I could do some blogwork. However, I ended up sitting in the backyard the entire day chatting with my brother and his girlfriend. After dinner I took the train back to my boyfriend because I also had work the next morning. The rest of the evening I spent editing a video, which felt really good. I hadn’t really edited a fun video in over a month, so it was nice to do something fun like that again. And then it suddenly was somewhere around 2am again. Oops.

Friday August 7th

A very low-quality picture of my empty plate after bbqing.

This Friday again started with work until around 3pm. I then went on with editing my video, since I hadn’t finished it yet. I took a very uncomfortable nap during that since I kept falling asleep sitting upright with my laptop. Can you imagine my neck hurt after that nap? Around dinnertime my boyfriend and I took the train to my parents’ place again, to have a fun bbq with the family. We ate really good and I also tried some new veggie things, which were also really good. We then had a few drinks and sat outside until we went to bed, looking at the bats flying around the backyard. We even saw an owl fly over our heads!

Saturday August 8th

The best pizza around

We slept in a bit this morning, because we only had plans in the afternoon. So I just took a shower and got ready. We then grabbed the car and drove to my best friend’s parents’ place (so many words). We spent the day with her and her parents chilling outside and drinking milkshakes. Her mum made some really good pizza for dinner out of their pizza oven. Their pizzas really are the best, just saying. We stayed out pretty late, but since I hadn’t been sleeping well the past days, we went home somewhat early, around 12 (that’s early for us). It was a lot of fun, especially since I hadn’t seen my friend in a few months. It was great catching up!

Sunday August 9th

My filming setup

On Sunday I tried to have a productive day as well. I started pretty slow, but I ended up doing quite a lot. My family went to a birthday party in the afternoon, which was a blessing for me because now I could film downstairs. The temperature in my own room is way too high to be doing anything, let alone sit in front of a filming lamp and smearing make-up on my face. So I was happy to be able to film downstairs. When my family returned we had a nice, late dinner in the backyard and had a lovely evening. I ended the day by writing some more for the blog, so I had a very productive sunday.

And that already was another Daily Life of a Student! I had a very chill week with lots of blog work and meeting friends, so it was a fun week after all. Next week will be very busy as well, so I’m hoping I remember to take pictures. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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