6 Wardrobe Basics Everyone Needs!

As a fashion lover, I have managed to grow my wardrobe quite a bit the past year. I love getting new items and finding new ways to combine them. But sometimes, it’s just nice to have a few basics lying around which you can use for almost anything. So if you’re not looking for a giant wardrobe, but more for a toned-down closet which can be used in lots of different ways, this is the article for you. I’ll tell you about a few items which everyone NEEDS in their wardrobe, even if you have the smallest wardrobe possible. Let’s get into it!

1 | Plain tops

In a basic wardrobe you need some items that you can combine with anything. The best way to start is to pick a colour scheme for your closet. Black and white are always great colours to begin with, and then add some colours that you really like, like soft blues or pinks. Then add some nice tops to your collection. These could be both short- and longsleeved shirts and sleeveless tops, without a print. Also great are white or black graphic tees. They give a bit more texture to your look, but are still plain enough to be paired with almost anything.

2 | Jeans

Everybody needs a good pair of jeans. I would recommend a blue pair and black pair. They just go with everything and they last a long time if you get a good pair. Really pay attention to the shape of the jean that you like. I prefer high-waisted jeans. I really love how the mom jeans and skinny jeans look on my body, so these are jeans that I tend to look for when I need something new. It also makes shopping a lot easier if you know what you like on your body.

3 | Versatile shoes

For shoes the most important pieces in my wardrobe are my white sneakers and my sandal heels. The sneakers can go with anything and tend to dress down any outfit. The heels, or any other type of more formal shoe, can be used to dress up almost anything. If you choose plain colours like white or black, they can go with almost every outfit.

4 | Layers

Now you have the basics done: jeans, a top and a pair of shoes for underneath. Great, what now? Now you’re going to need some items you can layer with. Think of things like a leather jacket, a blazer, cardigans or blouses. Something that you can put on top of other outfits to give your outfit a bit more texture and drama. Plus, this is great for when it’s colder in winter. The different pieces can also, again, be used to either dress an outfit up or down. Wear a blazer on top of jeans and a white shirt to make it a bit more formal.

5 | Statement pieces

Since you have a very basic wardrobe right now, where every items can be paired with every other item, you can add some specific pieces. Choose some fun patterned or coloured items which you really love. Think of a patterned blouse or coloured shoes. You can really vamp up an outfit with some crazy pieces. And since the basis of your wardrobe consists of plain items, you have a lot of different ways you can pair your statement items as well. Statement items are perfect to give your wardrobe just a bit more you.

6 | Accessories

The best way to spice up any outfit is by adding accessories. These are also easier to switch out than clothing items, so you can create lots of different styles using the items you have. A belt or bag can add a lot to a plain outfit. If you want to keep your wardrobe small, try to invest in some good accessories so you can keep your outfits interesting for yourself.

If you choose versatility, you don’t need a big wardrobe, that’s the secret of this article. Choosing items which fit well together and aren’t too crazy can give you lots of different ways to combine them. I’m still learning to do this, since I’m always very drawn to crazy statement pieces. I think about 70% of my wardrobe is crazy patterns and colours, so I’ve really been focusing on buying basic pieces which I can wear more regularly. And I’ve been loving it, even wearing just plain items. Crazy, right? That’s the greatness of a versatile wardrobe. Do you like to keep a small wardrobe or do you like to have lots of things to mix with? Let me know! I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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