The Daily Life of a Student | Photo Diary Week 33

Welcome back to another installment of: the daily life of a student! Today I’ll be talking about week 33. This week consisted of working and chilling, while also having to dog-sit and traveling to my room in Nijmegen. I did quite a few fun things with friends as well, so let’s get into it!

Monday August 10th

Wear your mask people…

On monday I had to do a bit of blogwork before heading to my boyfriend’s parents’ place. I wrote a few posts, edited a video and took a few outfit pictures for an upcoming post. One of those pictures is the one above this. I really liked this picture featuring my favourite selfmade facemask.

Tuesday August 11th

My yummy strawberry mojito

My Tuesday started with a few hours of work again (like any Tuesday). I decided to go home a tiny bit earlier, since I haven’t been sleeping well the past weeks. Every since it started to get really hot outside I have only had short nights, waking up every few hours and falling asleep late. So yeah, my sleepschedule is a bit messed up. Anyways, after work I took a short nap and got ready for a fun evening. We made plans to hang out with my boyfriend’s friendgroup and all their girlfriends. It’s always really fun so I was very excited for it. We went out lasergaming, pooling and drinking and it was really fun. It was my first time lasergaming and it didn’t even go that terrible. Afterwards we went to a café and had some cocktails. It was a really fun evening!

Wednesday August 12th

Our luxurious McDonald’s dinner.

On Wednesday my boyfriend went to work early and I stayed with his family for a bit before they went away as well. They went on a little vacation, so my boyfriend and I had to house- and dogsit for a few days. In the afternoon I took the train to my parents’ place, who were also on vacation, to switch out some clothes and fetch the car. I also did some more blogwork, before driving back to my boyfriend. We then drove over to McDonald’s to get our dinner, which we ate at home watching some Netflix. I had both veggie burgers, which were really good. Definitely recommend them! The rest of the evening was spent chilling and blogging, like any other day.

Thursday August 13th

A big doggo sleeping underneath the table

I spent the most of Thursday on my own keeping the dog company. Thankfully she is a very lazy dog, so she didn’t do much other than sleeping. I just worked on a lot of blog stuff and chilled most of the day. In the evening I drove my boyfriend to an appointment (I really love driving) and then we made some dinner. I don’t think we did anything else that evening. Not very exciting, I know.

Friday August 14th

Me in the car! Of course this picture was taken before driving off.

I started my Friday again with a few hours of work. It was very calm the entire morning so I went home early and took a nap (wow, so exciting). The afternoon was again spent doing some blog work and playing Animal Crossing. In the evening we had a bbq with our friend group, which I drove to (again, I really love driving haha). It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone and playing card games.

Saturday August 15th

Sushi and Umbrella Academy. What else does a person need.

On Saturday we started with packing some stuff and I finished editing my YouTube video. We then drove back to my parents’ house, where we dropped the car, did some more blog work, and then took the train to go to Nijmegen. I haven’t been in my room for over 3 months, so it was very exciting to be back. I really love my own little place. We got there around dinner time, so we ordered some sushi to eat. I don’t like fish, but I love sushi, so I always order sushi with either veggies or meat. We watched the final episode of Umbrella Academy while enjoying the food, and then we had a chill evening in my room. It was extremely hot there so I felt uncomfortable continuously, but okay. It was great being back.

Sunday August 16th

This is the only day that I forgot to take a picture. But I’m definitely getting better at it! I started the day with some cleaning, since that was really necessary. I also tried to save some of my plants since they had to survive three months without water. Surprisingly, only one actually died. I spent the rest of the day in my pyjama’s trying to do blog work, but it was actually quite too hot to do that. So it was mostly just chilling and taking naps. But that’s also good. In the evening we started watching the new season of Seven Deadly Sins and then it was time to end the week already.

And that was my week! Even though it was extremely hot, to the point it was almost unbearable, it was a week filled with fun events. I did a lot, but also took the time to do nothing. It was a nice week and I’m excited to see what next week holds. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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