Review: FAB Factory Tropical Beauty Palettes | Huda Beauty Dupes?!

I was scrolling through the Action again (when am I not?) when my eye fell onto some new palettes by FAB Factory: the Tropical Beauty palettes. I immediately thought of the Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions palettes when looking at these. Could they be dupes for those fun palettes? Well, I got both of them to try out, so today we’re finding out if they are good Huda Beauty dupes or not. Let’s get into it!

I bought the FAB Factory Tropical Beauty palettes in both colours: green and orange. The palettes don’t have different names or shade names, so it’s a bit hard to distinct. The best thing to do is just call them the green and orange palette. Both palettes are extremely similar to, and clearly inspired by, the Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions palettes in the corresponding colours. Weirdly enough, however, FAB Factory only decided to recreate the green and orange palettes, and not the pink one. A bit weird to leave one palette out, but okay. I’ll be talking about the orange and green palette today.

Let’s start with the packaging, like always. I think the packaging looks extremely cheap. The plastic of the palette itself looks and feels cheap, and then it’s packaged in this cheap cardboard/plastic case. It just looks cheap, there’s nothing else you can say about it. But, these palettes also are really, really affordable. They each cost only €1,95. So, I don’t think I am allowed to complain about the packaging. I just find the extra cardboard holder a bit excessive, and it makes it look a bit cheaper. But that’s just my opinion. An the packaging definitely isn’t the most important aspect of these palettes, so I’m taking this as a grain of salt.

Let’s begin with the orange palette. This is the first one I got, before I went back later to get the green one as well. The colours are extremely similar to the ones in the Huda Beauty palette. They all just are slightly off, but of course it’s very hard to get the shades exactly the same. I really enjoy this shade range however. It’s a good mix of mattes and shimmers, and most colours are very bright and neon-like. I’m just a bit sad that the yellow shade is so toned-down, but that’s it. Also, the palettes come with a mirror in the lid and a sponge applicator. I am really, really happy with that mirror, but they could’ve left out the applicator.

The swatches of the orange palette look pretty decent. They are quite bright, but some of them do feel a bit chalky. Weirdly enough, the mattes performed the best in this palette, while it’s usually easier to get the shimmers creamy and highly pigmented. I’m not mad at that, because I could use a few good, neon mattes.

The colours in the green palette are also very similar to the Huda Beauty palette, except for one shade. This palette comes with a dark green instead of another shimmer purple. I really like that they did that, because it makes it so much easier to create green looks with this palette. It is a green palette, but most of the shades are purple, so making a fully green look can be hard. With a deeper green it’s a bit easier, because you can now also deepen up your green look. I just really like that they did that. I prefer having a dark green in this over another sparkly purple. The rest of the shades all look very nice, but most of the shimmers and mattes are switched around a bit. Most notably, the white in the centre is a matte in this palette while it’s a beautiful shimmer in the Huda Beauty one. So this palette is very similar, but still a bit different from its inspiration. So keep that in mind when you’re looking for a dupe.

I felt like the swatches of the green palette were not as good as the orange palette. Yes, the colours were buildable, but they also felt a bit more chalk-y than the orange shades, even the shimmers. The swatches are decent, but not amazing. Well, let’s see how they perform on the eye.

Like always, I applied the colours on top of an eyeshadow base. I forgot to take a picture of the orange look, but you can see it in my YouTube video here. I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised. The shades give off decent enough pigment on the first swipe, but you can really build the colours up until they’re bright as day. Only two purple shimmers in the green palette had a lot of fallout, all the other shades, including from the orange palette, didn’t have any fallout, despite all of them feeling chalky. And all of them also had great pigmentation. They were easy to blend and to apply, and the palettes are quite versatile for such small palettes. I’m really happy with these!

In conclusion, the palettes seemed very cheap and a bit meh in the beginning, but after using them I am really happy I got these. Of course, they’re not exactly the same as the Huda Beauty palettes and they are definitely not close quality wise, but for €2 palettes, these are really good. If you’re looking for a few bright colours to experiment with, these really are great palettes to begin with. I’m happy I added them to my collection, because I love bright colours and I can definitely find a use for these. These palettes are of course far from perfect, but for the price they are actually really good. I recommend them! I want to thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time!

The FAB Factory Tropical Beauty palettes are available at Action for €1,95 a piece.

FAB Factory Tropical Beauty Orange palette YouTube review here

FAB Factory Tropical Beauty Green palette YouTube review here

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