How to Spice up a Basic Summer Outfit

In summer when it’s really warm, you don’t want to spend a lot of time and thought on your outfits. You just want something that’s easy, simple, and not too hot. So, you pick something basic. A simple top and a pair of shorts. I hear you thinking: ‘of course, it’s comfy and cool, but it’s not that fashionable.’ Today I’m going to give you some tips on how to make your simple summer outfit look a lot more stylish, while still keeping it cool for the summer. Let’s get into it!

Croptop: Bershka
Shorts: Pull & Bear

Let’s start with our basic outfit: a white croptop and a pair of high-waisted shorts. This kind of top is really comfy and airy, because it doesn’t cover a lot of skin and it is a bit loose. Also because it’s a white top, it doesn’t hold a lot of heat from the sun. Perfect for hot summer days! Pair it with a nice pair of shorts, and you have a cute outfit. I already made the basic outfit a bit more interesting, because I chose a top with a little bit of texture. It has small buttons and a rib texture, so it is just slightly less plain than a plain, white top. It’s still a basic top, though. So, how are we going to spice this up?

Shoes: Vagabond
Blouse: (Thrifted)

The easiest thing that you can add to a simple outfit, that also doesn’t include any layering, is a fun pair of colourful shoes. I chose these bright yellow sandals, because they are very airy and comfortable, but do add a good pop of colour to the outfit. Just adding a fun pair of shoes can take the attention away from the boring top part of the fit.

Another item that I like to add to a basic outfit is a funky blouse. I just looooove funky blouses. I think I own about twenty of them. They are a great addition to such a summer fit, because they are very airy and light, so they aren’t too warm, but they do give you the ability to layer and add a little extra to your outfit. Also, they’re great to cover up your shoulders when it’s really hot, so you don’t get sunburned as easily. I think they’re a great addition to any outfit, and you can style them lots of different ways. I chose this yellow blouse, which matched the fun coloured shoes well. It has a very summery pattern, so it makes your outfit immediately have a lot more summer vibes.

Star choker: AliExpress
Yellow flower necklace: TheEmeraldDove on Etsy
Coin necklace: AliExpress
Ring: (gifted)
Bracelet: ShopLikeSuze

Another simple way to add a bit more to an outfit is to add jewelry. Jewelry is simple, it doesn’t add much weight or warmth, so it’s great for summer outfits. Layer a few simple, mismatching necklaces to go for a more casual and summery look. I always think gold jewelry is a lot more summery, but I’m just more of a silver gal, so I went for a few silver necklaces. I also added some fun earrings, a bracelet and a ring, which all sort of matched, but still maintained the casual look.

The final way to spice up a simple outfit is to match your facemask to your fit. Of course right now there are a lot of places where you need to wear a mask, and it’s always very smart to do so anyways. So what better way to make your outfit stand out than to find a fun, matching facemask. My mum made this facemask for me, which is my favourite colour and has some fun chickens on it. It’s a weird mask, but I find it very funky and it stands out. And the yellow again matches my fun shoes.

And that’s how you easily spice up a basic outfit, without it getting too hot in summer. I hope you find these tips useful and you can use them for your own outfits. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

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