The Daily Life of a Student | Photo Diary Week 34

Welcome back to another installment of: the daily life of a student! Today I’ll be talking about week 34. I spent the first few days with my boyfriend at our own places, the other days were spent doing mostly blog stuff and going to work. Let’s get into it!

Monday August 17th

Pizza and movies on the projector

On Monday we started with traveling from my room in Nijmegen to my boyfriend’s room in Eindhoven. We had an appointment with a repairman at noon, so we had to get there on time. When he left we just chilled a bit, until we decided we wanted to go see a movie. However, there weren’t any good movies in the theatres that we were interested in, so we pulled out the projector and watched a movie at home. We ordered a pizza and some snacks and we had a great night in together.

Dinsdag August 18th

Golden hour Sanne

On Tuesday we took a later train home than we had planned. We just took our time getting ready in the morning and cleaning up, so we took quite a late train home. We got some food on the way to my place and ate it in between our small train trips. When we walked into my room the sun was going down and shining so beautifully into the room, so I immediately made my boyfriend take some golden hour pictures of me, lol. We had another chill night of watching Netflix and both doing some computer work. Not very riveting.

Wednesday August 19th

Me in the train with my facemask

On Wednesday we spent the day going to the thrifstore and doing some more shopping. It was really fun! Afterwards we had a quick pasta dinner and then we grabbed our bags to go back to our parents’ places. So, we took the train again. So. Many. Trains. I arrived at my parents’ place quite late in the evening, and I spent the rest of the evening chilling on the couch until I started to fall asleep. Going thriftshopping is just very tiring! I also filmed my thriftshopping adventure, so that will be going up some time soon. Exciting!

Thursday August 20th

Chilling on the couch watching YouTube videos. The pizza is not mine.

Thursday I had planned to do so much blog work and to totally work ahead. However, I just wasn’t having a good day. I woke up quite early, had a bit of breakfast, and planted myself onto the couch. After about an hour of playing a bit of Animal Crossing, I started to feel sick. I had quite a bad headache and I felt hot continuously. It was pretty uncomfortable and I just didn’t feel up to doing work. So I didn’t. In the evening I packed my bags and went on my merry way to my boyfriend’s parents again. Not a very fun day, to be honest.

Friday August 21st

The moth on my pillow

In the morning I had work again, so I was very happy to be feeling well again. It wouldn’t have been fun if I had to go to work all sweating and with a headache. So I had a short day of work and went back to my boyfriend. After he got back from work, I took the car to my parents again. They had gotten home from their vacation this morning, so it was fun seeing them again! We had dinner together and chatted the entire evening, which was a lot of fun. We went to bed quite late, but it was a fun night. I then spent an hour cleaning up my room and putting away all the stuff I brought with me, so I finally got in bed at 2 am. However, then I noticed a moth flying around my room, which happened to land right above my head onto my pillow. So I had to do a little 2 am rescue mission to put the moth outside again, which I managed to do. So after an exciting midnight adventure it was finally time to go to sleep.

Saturday August 22nd

I forgot to take a picture of my pancake so this is a picture of my boyfriend’s pancake. He eats bacon pancakes with sugar instead of syrup. He is quite odd.

On Saturday I spent the day editing my video, taking occasional breaks to play cardgames with my parents. In the afternoon my boyfriend came over and we had pancakes for dinner. My dad makes the best pancakes! I had a few with apple, which is my favourite combo. After dinner we played even more cardgames. This time I dragged my boyfriend into it as well. He does not like playing games, but he very willingly played along and even won a game he had never played. So I don’t think he hates it that much, haha. We had another late night because of all the cardgames, but that’s fine.

Sunday August 23rd

My Sunday was a very, very boring day. After sleeping in a bit I just spent the entire day editing my Sims video. It took so long! My laptop also isn’t built to handle two videos playing on top of eachother, so it was a very slow process. The only fun part was that my boyfriend also needed to do some computer work, so we sat next to eachother the entire day. Not much else happened on Sunday, it was a very not exciting day.

And that was my week 34! It was quite a slow week, because I had to do a lot of computer work and didn’t really do anything exciting. Next week will be a lot more busy, with quite a few appointments, and the week after that uni starts for me! So, these articles will hopefully turn a lot more exciting soon. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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