The Daily Life of a Student | Photo Diary Week 35

Welcome back to another installment of: the daily life of a student! Today I’ll be talking about week 35. This was one of the busiest weeks this entire year. I had some uni things, work things, blog things and lots of other things. Oh, and also a whole lot of good food. Let’s get into it!

Monday August 24th

A delicious Nutella crepe

Monday started off pretty calm. I woke up quite on time and started doing some blog work. My boyfriend took the leftover pancake batter from last Saturday and made me some Nutella crepes, so that was a great start of the day. In the afternoon I took some time to get ready, because we were going out for dinner to celebrate my grandparents’ 55th wedding anniversary. We went to a Greek restaurant, which has some really good food. It was also nice hanging out with my grandparents again. It’s still the weirdest thing to not be able to hug them. In the evening my boyfriend and I drove over to his parents’ place.

Tuesday August 25th

Chilling in bed

On Tuesday I had to work again and it was the first actually busy work day. There was something wrong with the wi-fi, so I couldn’t get into the computer and phone. So I was basically not able to do anything for about an hour. And then the phonecalls started rolling in, while I still had other things to do, and about four people were standing at my desk to ask questions. Usually I get like 12 phonecalls and one person at the desk, today I had 30 phonecalls and four people. So yes, I had to stay very long, and I was very tired at the end of the day. So in the evening I chilled in bed a bit and started editing Friday’s video. It was a very tiring day.

Wednesday August 26th

The chaos that was my room during packing

Wednesday morning I drove back to my parents after sending my boyfriend off to work. When I got there I drank some tea with my parents, after which I went to the optician to get a new set of contacts measured. After that I did some more blog work and then I went shopping with my mum. I bought a lot of new plants for all the empty pots I have lying around, and I got some Halloween stuff already. The rest of the afternoon I was busy packing my bags to bring to Nijmegen. I had to bring literally everything, so I had a lot of bags to pack. In the evening I had to work the bar at the tennis club. I brought my laptop along, so I was able to do some blogwork when people weren’t ordering things. At home I had to continue packing my bags, so I was busy until well in the night.

Thursday August 27th

Me in the car with all my plants

My Thursday started a bit chaotic, because I slept through my alarm. Thankfully, I’m not that good at sleeping in, so I woke up about an hour later. I still had plenty time to take a quick shower and grab some food. Then I had to plant myself behind my desk for the first time in months. I had an introductory online day for the master I’m starting with this week. There were some informative lectures and such, which covered mostly stuff I already knew, so I was just chilling in my room while having this play in the background. I was able to pack the last of my stuff, do my make-up, and paint my nails while watching the lectures, so that was nice. After the last lectures were done, my parents and I grabbed our stuff and went on a roadtrip to bring all my stuff to my flat, and my boyfriend’s stuff to his. So it was first a two hour drive to my boyfriend’s place, where we quickly dropped some stuff off, and then an hour ride to my place. On our way there we ordered some Mexican food, which was delivered after we arrived. So yes, we had some really good food. I had a nice veggie burrito with sweet potato and rice. I don’t often like Mexican food, but this was really, really good. After dinner, we just dropped off my stuff and took some other stuff back with us, and we went on our way again on the 1,5 hour drive home. It was nice that we could do this, because otherwise I had to take a trunkful of stuff with me in the train next week. On our way back my parents dropped me at my boyfriend’s, since I had work again the next day. It was quite a tiring day.

Friday August 28th

Friday was my last real day of work. It sadly doesn’t fit into my uni schedule to actually work this job during the week, but I might be able to do parts of it in the weekends, which is nice. Anyways, a colleague brought over some puddingbuns (puddingbroodjes) for lunch, which is one of my favourite things ever. So I had a chill day of work while snacking on some puddingbroodjes. I stayed with my boyfriend in the evening, while his parents were out, so we got to order pizza and milkshakes. For it being my last day of work, it was a really enjoyable day.

Saturday August 29th

My vegan burger with fries
BONUS: Me finding out my tongue now matches my eyeshadow and my shirt

On Saturday we got to sleep in a bit, after which we slowly packed our bags and went over to my parents again. My parents wanted to go out for dinner with the family to kind of celebrate the end of the summer holiday for everyone. So the six of us went to a local burger restaurant, which has some really good burgers. This time I decided to go for the vegan seaweed burger. It was actually pretty good, it could’ve just used more sauce since it was a bit dry. But I was not disappointed! I also got a stroopwafel milkshake, which was really good. Y’all non-dutchies need to get yourselves some stroopwafels to try, because those are just so good! After dinner we got icecream somewhere, and I had some sour candy flavour and lemon flavour. After eating for a while, I realized that my tongue had turned green/blue from the icecream. I then also realized that my eyeshadow and shirt were the exact same colour. It was quite a matching situation! We ended the night by playing some card games with my parents, which was a lot of fun.

Sunday August 30th

I had quite a bit of blogwork planned for Sunday, but I just didn’t feel like it. After sending off my boyfriend to his parents, I spent most of the day playing cardgames with my parents again. I’m finally getting good at their game and we actually each won the same amount of games. After dinner we planted on the couch and watched Mad Max: Fury Road together. I’d never seen that movie before, and it was really interesting. The effects and fx make-up all looked so incredible. The story is hecking weird, but the visuals all are amazing. It was really nice to spend a day together with my parents before I’m off to uni again. It was a nice ending of the week! (No picture included)

And that was my very stuffed week! It was busy, but it was also stuffed with very fun things. Because it was so busy I decided to take a little break from the big blog uploads, to focus on what’s coming next. I want to start working ahead for when uni will take over my life again. Next week I’m going back to my room in Nijmegen and I’m starting my master Medical Biology. It’s going to be a strange start, since all my classes will be fully online. I think I’ll start really enjoying working from home, but I’m afraid I’ll get lonely after a while. We’ll see how that goes. I’m however excited to share it with you all! I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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