Review: Max & More Concealer

Recently Max&More launched their new collection. They revamped lots of their older products and added a few new ones, which I was very curious about. They also made the entire new collection vegan, which is amazing! One of the first products I reached for was the new concealer. I remember Max&More having a concealer stick in their collection four or five years ago, but they have never had a liquid concealer before. So, I was extremely curious for this one and I just had to try it out. Today I’ll tell you all about it!

Let’s talk about the packaging, because this is completely new for all products in the collection. They changed up the font of their logo a bit, the packaging is now completely matte black, and it just all looks a bit more sophisticated. However, no matter how cute the cardboard packaging is, I always think such packaging is so excessive. It is so much more waste to throw out, because you’re going to rip up the cardboard and plastic anyway. Now, I do understand that the Action is a store with so many products, that it’d be hard to organize these beauty products if they were all loose instead of in such packaging. So I do understand why they do it, I just don’t like it that much. That’s it.

I got the lightest shade in the range: 104 Light Sand. The concealer is available in two other shades. Yes, two. I know, that definitely isn’t enough. I know Max&More is the most budget-friendly brand out there, so I understand that they don’t have a budget to create a large shade range, but three shades is just so extremely little. I’m really hoping they’ll come out with more shades in the future, to accomodate more skintones. This shade is the right shade for me, and they have two darker shades which look quite similar. There are no shades for people with darker skintones. They really need to work on that.

The concealer comes in a basic plastic bottle with a wand. I always like this kind of packaging for liquid concealers, but I must say that the wand is really small. I’m used to concealers having bigger wands, so you can reach more area at once. But that’s okay. The wand still applies really well, it just takes a few more swipes to get the product everywhere you want.

The concealer is quite thin, so it does spread easily onto your skin and applies pretty well. It’s getting onto that border where it’s too thin, but I think it is just thick enough. I quite like the texture and I haven’t had any problems with it yet.

Left side: Concealer and transluscent powder
Right side: No make-up

The concealer applies well and is easily blended out with a sponge. I always use a sponge for liquid make-up, so I haven’t tried it with a concealer brush yet. It isn’t the most covering concealer, but it does give quite a lot of coverage for such a budget concealer. As you can see in the picture, it covers up my undereye bags and red spots quite well. It really helps neutralizing the colours of my skin. This shade is also the perfect shade for my skintone. I really like this concealer, and I would recommend you try it out if there’s a shade available for you. I’ll always keep saying this: a brand is not that good, until they cater to every skintone. Even with three concealer shades they could’ve gone for light, medium and dark, but they went for light, light and medium. Max&More really has a lot to improve in that area. The concealer itself is really good, so it would be a great step for them to expand their shade range and make it available for more people.

In conclusion, I do really like this concealer, especially for the price, but they really need to expand their shade range. Do with that what you want, I guess. I want to thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

The Max & More Concealer is available at Action stores for €1,19


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