About Bottle of Happiness

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Bottle of Happiness, my blog about everything that has to do with beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

I started this blog in 2013 under a different name, Nails and Cakes, and on a different site host. This site started to really bug me, so after 2 years I decided to switch to WordPress. I also got tired of the childish name and the subjects I had to write about to live up to that name. So I renamed my blog as well, to a more professional, more open name. I can write about anything I want and it will still fit the theme.

Still, all these years I had written my blog in Dutch, my first language. Ofcourse this was easy, but I thought it to be more fun to reach a wider audience. So from november 2017 and on, I have decided to write in English. That’s why all my old articles are in Dutch, if you were wondering about that.

To summarize what I will write about: I will talk about everything I enjoy in life, but also things I don’t enjoy. I do like to write a serious article once in a while. But mainly, the articles will be informal, happy posts. I have a busy life, but I try to find time to do fun things, and those are the things I will be writing about. I will try to post an article at least twice a week, on wednesdays and sundays. If you find yourself looking at my blog and missing an article on one of those days: don’t worry! I’m probably just too busy with school to write a proper post. I’ll be back soon enough, but if you want to know what’s up you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more recent news.

I wish you lots of fun with reading and I hope to see you soon, back again on Bottle of Happiness!




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