The Daily Life of a Student | Photo Diary Week 31

Welcome back to another installment of: the daily life of a student! Today I’ll be talking about week 31. It started off with a fun weekend in Eindhoven and it ended with a few days in Amsterdam. So, there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s get into it!

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Review: Miniso Silicone Facial Cleaner

Last week I was nosing around in a new store in Eindhoven called Miniso. It’s one of those stores where you just walk around and you want to put literally everything in your basket. Everything is just so cute! And they have so many different kinds of things. From kitchen stuff, to pillows, to beauty tools. Of course I had to take one of those beauty tools home, especially since they’re so affordable. I chose their Silicone Facial Cleaner with sonic vibrations. I have been curious about these kinds of cleaners for a while now, so it was nice to find them in such an affordable store. If you’re just as curious about what these things do and if they are any good, definitely keep reading!

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The Daily Life of a Student | Photo Diary Week 30

I have been thinking and brainstorming for so long on ways to incorporate a bit more personality into my blog. I like to have a business and beauty aspect to it, but I also like it to be personal. It’s my own little place on the internet, after all. So, I’ve been trying to start a photo diary, but I noticed that I’m absolutely terrible at it. I keep forgetting to take pictures of daily things, since I’m not used to doing it. I kept pushing starting this series until I finally managed to take enough pictures, but that day just wouldn’t come. So, today I’m just going to start. I am going to do a weekly segment on Bottle of Happiness where I share (some) pictures of my week and I tell you what I’ve done that week. I don’t have pictures for each day, but I’ll learn to do that eventually. For now, let’s just get started on my week 30!

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Blogging Basics: A Low-Budget Photography and Filming Set-Up

I have been seriously blogging and making videos for a little while now and I feel like I finally have my routine done. This is mostly due to having a set picture and filming set-up which I can just grab and use. It doesn’t require a lot of preparation, so I can just start taking pictures or filming whenever I need to. I am really happy with my current set-up and the things that I can create with it, so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s a really low-budget set-up, so it’s perfect for a starting blogger/YouTuber, like I was a little while ago. If you want some tips on how to get an affordable set-up, do keep reading!

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9 Small Lifestyle Changes to Make to Live a More Sustainable Life

In the current day and age we all need to change our lifes a tiny bit to help the environment out. There’s so much that needs to change which we don’t have any say in, but we can all do our bit and help out by making our own little changes. And no, you don’t need to change your life drastically and start living like a hermit without electricity or anything like that. Every tiny change can help the earth, so today I made a list of small changes you can make to live more sustainably. If you are ready to start helping the environment, keep on reading!

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Review: LeniLash Synthetic False Eyelashes (Lashes by Kosmetik4Less)

I recently have been looking for some nice, new lashes, since most of my lashes were dying. So when I ordered some new make-up from Kosmetik4Less, I thought, ‘might as well add some lashes to my cart’. And that’s what I did. I ordered some of their cheaper, human-hair lashes, and one pair of their newer, more expensive (but still affordable), synthetic lashes. And that’s what I’m reviewing today! I tried out the synthetic 3D eyelashes a few times now, and I’m going to tell you all about them. Let’s get into it!

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Recreating My 2019 Festival Outfit

Exactly a year ago this weekend, I was singing my lungs out to my favourite music at the Zwarte Cross festival. It’s the only big festival I’ve ever been to and it’s the exact vibe I’m looking for. Very casual, smaller bands, but so, so many different styles of music to choose from. It’s also definitely not one of those Coachella type festivals where everybody dresses up. So no, I wasn’t wearing a crazy, glitter-filled outfit last year. This year we were supposed to go again, but of course this couldn’t happen due to the current crisis. It’s sad, but what can you do about it? We’ll just have to do with reminiscing and looking forward to next year. So I thought, why not recreate last year’s outfit to live in that moment again?

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Review: Foto op Aluminium van Canvas Company

This article is for my Dutch readers.

Een tijdje geleden werd ik weer door Canvas Company benaderd of ik nog één van hun producten uit wilde proberen. En daar zeg ik natuurlijk geen nee tegen! Ik had nog een foto van mijn broertje waar iedereen in mijn familie echt gek op is en die we nog graag eens opgehangen wilden hebben, dus dit kwam natuurlijk goed uit. Ik koos ervoor om deze foto af te laten drukken op geborsteld aluminium. Ben je nou benieuwd hoe dit eruit is gekomen? Lees dan vooral verder!

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What’s Wrong With Brands Labeling Themselves Cruelty-Free

In my journey towards a completely cruelty-free cosmetics collection I’ve ran into this problem so many times: a brand calling itself cruelty-free, while not actually being cruelty-free. It’s a bit of a struggle to find out which brands you actually want to support and which ones you don’t. But why is this such a problem and how do I work around it? I’ll tell you all about it in today’s post!

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