Review: Kruidvat Velvet Glow Baked Blush

Recently I’ve really been loving adding blush to my make-up routine. I used to always hate blush and I never wore it, mainly because I didn’t know how to use it properly and I didn’t have any good blushes. So, I decided to buy a blush palette to try out, and I was hooked immediately. Now I wear it almost everyday. So of course, now I needed some extra blushes to expand my collection. When I saw these blushes at Kruidvat just laying there, looking pretty, being vegan, I just grabbed one and paid for it. I didn’t even really think about it, I just quickly decided I needed it. Talk about an impulse buy, right? So today, we’re reviewing this Velvet Glow Baked Blush by Kruidvat. Let’s get into it!

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Video: Make-Up Tips for When You Don’t Have Time in the Morning!

We all know that moment when you wake up and realize you have a lot less time left than you were anticipating. What to do now? Today I give 8 great tips on how to do your make-up extremely quick and well in the morning, when you don’t have that much time. I hope you enjoy!

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How to Do Gradient Lip Arts

I’ve really been into trying new makeup things lately and getting out my comfort zone. I don’t really have a comfort zone eyeshadow-wise, because I’m not afraid to try anything. However, I almost never wear any lipproducts. And if I’m wearing any, it’s just a nude or rose lipstick. I just don’t really like lip products and how they feel. So, I decided I needed to try more with my lips. And what better way to start than going the extreme: lip arts. I’m a big fan of lip arts! They look extremely cool in pictures, but they also take a lot of skill. So, I did want to start with one of the simpler lip arts. I tried multiple gradients lips and I found what worked best, so today I’m sharing the tips that I worked out to anyone that also wants to start with lip art! Let’s get into the gradients!

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Video: Full Face Using Only ONE Eyeshadow Palette!

Last week I challenged myself to do an entire face of makeup, but only using one eyeshadow palette. So I had to do EVERYTHING with eyeshadow! Foundation, contour, lipstick, brows. Everything. It was a lot of fun and I even implemented another mini challenge where my boyfriend chooses the colours for my eyelook. It was a lot of fun to film, and hopefully it’s also a lot of fun to watch! Hope you enjoy!

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I Used the Morphe X James Charles Palette for a Week!

A few weeks ago I posted an article where I used the Conspiracy palette for a week (find it here). Well, I had so much fun making that post and experimenting with one palette, that I decided to do it again. This time I used the Morphe x James Charles palette. I’ve had this palette since it came out I think, and it was the palette that got me more into makeup and colourful looks. I think it’s a great palette and it’s very versatile, but I don’t grab it on the regular. So, I wanted to use it for a week straight and see what kinds of different looks I could make. I managed to make a look for every work day, including a bonus look! So, if you want to see the versatility of this palette put to use, keep on reading!

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Video: Four Curling Techniques on Short and Thick Hair! | How to Curl Short Hair?

Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun trying new things with my hair. I usually wear my hair just down or in a ponytail, and I don’t do anything else with it. But I’ve been experimenting with hairclips and hairbands and other cute styling ideas. That also got me the idea of curling my hair again. But which curling technique is the best for my short and thick hair? I try out four different curling techniques and tell you what I think about them. I hope you enjoy the video!

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Tutorial: Spring Inspired Floral Eyelook

Lately I’ve been in such a good mood because of the nice weather, and I really felt like portraying that in a makeup look. So I made a look with my favourite colour: yellow. I wanted it to be a happy and adorable looking “piece of art”. So I grabbed my makeup and my face paints and I started drawing flowers on my eyes. Want to see how I did that? Then definitely keep on reading!

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Review: FAB Factory Sun Vibes Nude Palette – A HudaBeauty Dupe?

When I saw the FAB Factory Sun Vibes Nude palette on the Action website, it immediately made me think of the HudaBeauty Nude palette. I ran to the Action the next day to get it, because I needed to try it out. Because if this is actually close to the HudaBeauty palette, this palette could be a great dupe. It’s very cheap, has nice colours, and it gives the same vibes as the HudaBeauty palette. But is it actually a dupe? And is it even a good palette on its own? Let’s find out!

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How to Use Glitter in Your Makeup Looks and Other Beauty Tips

I recently bought some new glitters and rhinestones and I felt like playing with them. So I came up with a few different ways to use those glitters and some tips on using them, so you can learn how to use glitters as well. Because why wouldn’t you want to use glitters? Besides the fact that they get literally everywhere, of course. Anyhow, let’s see how we can use glitters and rhinestones in different ways!

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