DIY: How to Make an Earring Organizer/Holder

I’ve recently been getting more into jewelry and accessorizing my outfits. I never really used earrings as a true accessory, but I got some old hoops from my mum which I’ve suddenly been wearing almost every day. I don’t know, I just feel powerful in hoop earrings. Because I’d been having so much fun wearing different earrings, I ordered a few more off of AliExpress. This also means that my collection is getting pretty big, and pretty unorganized. I currently have my earrings in a little jar, and it takes me a few minutes to pick the right ones and find their other halves as well. So, I wanted to get an organizer that fits my needs. However, almost all earring organizers were either just for hanging earrings, or they included room for necklaces as well. I did not want that. I wanted one that could fit all my earrings, even my studs, but also just my earrings, so not any other jewelry. Of course, they do exist, but they can be quite expensive. So why not make one myself? I managed to make a fun one that fit my needs exactly, so I thought I’d show you guys how I did that. Let’s get into making our own earring organizer!

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How I Threw an Epic Halloween Party (Student Edition)

This is the second year my boyfriend and I have thrown a Halloween party for our birthdays. Last year I completely forgot to take pictures and such, so this year I decided to really think about that and put the entire process into a blogpost. Because we do put a lot of effort into our parties, and we may be able to provide some tips for people who want to know how to throw a cool Halloween party. So let’s get into it!

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My Nightmare Before Christmas Tree!

IMG_3810 (1)

I haven’t really posted any Christmas related articles yet. Yes, I’ve done the Advent Calendar review, but that isn’t REALLY Christmas. So I thought it would be fun to get a bit in the Christmas spirit and show you guys my tree. Usually my little tree is very boring, with white and green ornaments to fit my room. This year I decided to switch things up and decorate my tree in a way that fits me perfectly: Jack Skellington-style!

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Huge Stationary Haul


Lately I’ve been very busy with school. Lots of long days, essays and tests. To keep myself organized in such busy times, I love using a bullet journal. I can keep track of everything I have to do and want to do, and it’s helping me a lot. So, to keep my bullet journal pretty, I love using a lot of cute stickers and washi tapes. So I ordered a lot. Today I’ll show you all the stationary I’ve bought lately. Be prepared, it’s a big haul!

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DIY Stickers


Een tijdje geleden was mijn beste vriendin jarig en ik wilde graag wat speciaals geven voor haar verjaardag. Ze had me al een keer voor de grap gemeld dat ze graag stickers wilde en ineens kreeg ik een goed idee: ik maak zelf stickers van al haar rare foto’s. Ik heb toen echt gigantisch veel stickers gemaakt, ook met haar favo bands en onze inside jokes enzovoorts. Het was echt heel simpel om ze te maken, maar wel heel leuk en het cadeau viel ook erg in de smaak, daarom leek het mij leuk om jullie te laten zien hoe je zelf stickers maakt. Kijk je mee?

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