My 2019 Playlist

I hope you all had a great Christmas, I sure did! Now Christmas is over, we’re going towards the end of the year, so it’s time to start wrapping things up so we can start with a clean slate. This year I thought it would be fun to wrap up the year by making a Spotify playlist with my favourite songs of this year. So, if you’re in for some musical times at the end of the year, keep on reading!

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Thoughts on Instagram Removing its Like Counts

Two out of my three Instagram accounts have recently been added to the Instagram test group. This means that I can’t see other people’s like counts anymore. When Instagram announced this was happening, I had a few thoughts about it. And now I’ve gotten to get used to this feature a bit, I have some more opinions on it. Let’s talk about it!

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Review: The Disney+ App

About two months ago the Disney+ app launched in the Netherlands as a testround. Everyone here was able to test and use the app and site for free until the global release date. Of course, I immediately installed the app to see what I could do with it. Today I’ll tell you all about what I think of it and if it’s worth the money.

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How I Threw an Epic Halloween Party (Student Edition)

This is the second year my boyfriend and I have thrown a Halloween party for our birthdays. Last year I completely forgot to take pictures and such, so this year I decided to really think about that and put the entire process into a blogpost. Because we do put a lot of effort into our parties, and we may be able to provide some tips for people who want to know how to throw a cool Halloween party. So let’s get into it!

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Movie Review: Joker (2019) Spoiler-Free!

What’s this? A post on friday? Well, yes. Yesterday, I started my 20th birthday off great, by going to the cinema and watching Joker the second it was released in the Netherlands. So, because I’m so early with watching this movie, I thought it would be nice to write a review about it. And since I wanted to get it out as soon as possible, I thought I’d dedicate an extra post to Joker and upload it today. Because this movie definitely deserves a post just about itself. So, if you want to know all my opinions on this movie, without any spoilers, definitely keep reading!

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Movies I’ve Watched Recently – Short Movie Reviews

BeFunky-collage (2)

Since this January my boyfriend and I have a movie subscription. This means we pay a certain price every month to visit as much movies in the theaters as we want. This also means that I have watched quite a lot of new movies recently. Today I’ll tell you a bit about the movies I watched in the past weeks and what I think about them. Keep on reading if ya like!

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Thoughts on Instagram and Its Communities

I have been on Instagram for quite a long time now. I think I started using it immediately when I was old enough to do so. I always loved using the app to express myself and there was even a period of time where I had 5 different Instagram accounts at the same time. All for different purposes. The different communities that I encountered were all lovely, but each of them had their downside. Since I’ve been using Instagram quite a lot lately for my blog, I’ve been thinking more about how it used to be. I had a couple ‘revelations’, as one might say, and I thought it would be fun to chat a bit about this concept and my opinions on it. We all know I love sharing my opinions.

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