Video: Black Friday Makeup Haul and Catrice Myster Box Unboxing!

Today I have a fun video for you where I show you what I ordered for black friday. Spoiler: It’s all makeup! I also ordered a mystery box, which I unbox in this video. So if you’re excited to see what’s in it, don’t forget to watch the video!

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Review: Catrice Gold Effect Nail Polish

Some of you may recall that this blog used to be a nail art blog. Yes, you read that right. It used to be all about nail polish and everything that comes with it. Since that isn’t really what my blog is about anymore, but I do still love a good nail polish, I sometimes do write about it. So for today I’m reviewing a polish from Catrice’s new Gold Effect collection. Let’s get into it!

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Review: Catrice ICONails


It always happens when I’m not actually looking for new makeup: I walk past the makeup isle and pick something that I am DEFINITELY looking for. Don’t judge me. This happened in the Kruidvat some time ago, and I bought this amazing looking nail polish. But is it as pretty as we’re expecting?

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Review: Three low-budget matte lipsticks


Hi everyone, it’s been a little while. During the holidays I didn’t have much time left to spend on my blog and after the holidays, school started again. So I’ve been quite busy the past weeks. But that aside, I’m back with another review! Today I’m showing you three low-budget matte lipsticks I bought. I’m going to compare them and tell you what I think of them. Take a look!

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