My Trip to Berlin

This past Christmas break I had the lovely opportunity of traveling to Berlin with my boyfriend and his family. They planned this trip and I was very grateful to tag along, since I’ve never been to this beautiful city. This city tells a lot of important stories, but I was also very excited to visit the amazing Christmas markets the Germans are known for. We traveled by train, which is super easy from where we live in the Netherlands, and we stayed for four days. Of course I brought my trusty camera with me and today I want to show you some pictures that I took of the places that I visited. Let’s get into it!

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Tutorial: Five Fun Makeup Looks for Christmas

Since it’s almost Christmas, I thought it would be a great idea to share some makeup ideas for you to wear to your Christmas parties. I have created five fun looks, ranging from simple Christmas glam to editorial ideas. So if you still need to figure out how you’re gonna do your makeup this Christmas, keep on reading!

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Review: Essence ‘From Santa with Love’ Christmas Trend Edition Palette and Highlighter

When I saw pictures of Essence’s new Christmas trend edition floating around the interwebs, I just knew I had to get me some of it. The packaging was just adorable, and the eyeshadow palette had some beautiful shades in it. So last week I hauled my butt over to the drugstore to buy the From Santa With Love Eyeshadow Palette and Highlighter. And here I am, reviewing parts of this beautiful collection! If you want to know all the ins and outs of these products, keep on reading!

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My Nightmare Before Christmas Tree!

IMG_3810 (1)

I haven’t really posted any Christmas related articles yet. Yes, I’ve done the Advent Calendar review, but that isn’t REALLY Christmas. So I thought it would be fun to get a bit in the Christmas spirit and show you guys my tree. Usually my little tree is very boring, with white and green ornaments to fit my room. This year I decided to switch things up and decorate my tree in a way that fits me perfectly: Jack Skellington-style!

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Pinterest try-outs: Christmas makeup!


Last year I did a Pinterest Try-outs episode where I tried to decorate christmas cupcakes following a Pinterest tutorial. This year, I thought I’d switch things up a tiny bit. I found a couple cool Christmas makeup looks on the site, but without a tutorial. So I decided I’d try to recreate these looks just from picture, and try to make my own little tutorial out of it. Please read along if you want to know how bad I did, haha!

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It’s A Christmas Miracle #3: Mijn kerstboom

Ik ben gek op kerstbomen, en vooral als ik ze zelf mag versieren. Ik ben dan ook gek op artikelen lezen en foto’s kijken van versierde kerstbomen. Ik kan uren tussen alle plaatjes scrollen en dan ben ik nog niet uitgekeken. Mij leek het dus leuk om dit jaar mijn eigen kerstboom te delen. Kijk je mee?

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