Review: Biovène Skin Care


It’s been a little while since my last article. The past two months have been filled with uni work, so I barely had time to work on my blog. But now I have two full months of summer vacation and lots of ideas, so I’m gonna write posts like crazy! First up is a review of these lovely skincare products by Biovène. They were kind enough to send me these products so I could try them out. Keep reading if you want to know all the details.

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Review: Action Peel-Off Gold Mask


You probably all know the story by now: I walk around in the Action (my favourite store) and spot something new that I’d like to try out. And then I write a review about it. That happened again with this Peel-Off Gold Mask. I thought it looked cute and the idea of a gold mask seemed fun to me. So, today I’ll tell you all about this fun mask. Let’s have a look!

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Review: Charcoal Peel-Off Mask


I was walking around the Action (to be fair, when am I not), looking for some things I didn’t need, when I stumbled across this face mask. Suddenly, I needed it. So it went home with me. I just couldn’t contain my curiosity of how a charcoal peel off mask would look. So I decided to try it out and let you guys know what I think about it. Please continue reading if you want to find out.

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