Fashion Challenge: Dressing Monochromatically for a Week

I just love setting challenges for myself every once in a while, and not just challenges that have to do with makeup. I am crazy about fashion and I just love to come up with new ways to combine my items. I already did a fashion challenge where I dressed like cartoon characters for a week, and that was a lot of fun. So last week I challenged myself to another weekly challenge: dressing monochromatically every day for a week straight! I created five different, monochromatic outfits, one for every workday. If you’re wondering why I only do five: I wear almost only pajamas on the weekends, so there are no outfits for saturday and sunday. Seems logical, right? Anyways, let’s see how I did creating only monochromatic outfits!

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Dressing Like Cartoon Characters for a Week

Lately I’ve been really excited about experimenting with my outfits and coming up with different outfit challenges. One thing that always has interested me is Disney bounding, and I’ve already done some articles on that (find them here and here). However, my wardrobe is not yet fit for a lot of Disney bounding. Therefore, I wanted to try and see which cartoon characters, that aren’t necessarily Disney, I am able to create with my own clothes. I came up with five different characters for each workday: Kim Possible, Misty (Pokémon), Spinelli (Recess), Phineas, and Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls). I’ll give you all the details on the outfits and talk a bit about my look on bounding. Let’s get into it!

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