What I would wear to Coachella if I would go


Today is the final day of the phenomenon called Coachella: the most popular festival for influencers. And the best thing about this festival is definitely all the fashion. Each year Instagram is filled with outfitpictures during these two weekends in April. And nothing is off limits. Everyone wears just whatever the frick they want. I have done my research over the past days to figure out what the trends are this year. I want to put this knowledge to good use, so I decided to try and create some outfits for myself that I might wear if I were to go to this big party, using things that are already in my wardrobe. Let’s see how I did!

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Fashion Inspiration

I spent the fast majority of January getting inspired by a lot of things. It’s like an unintended ‘new year, new me’ kind of thing. I suddenly decided I want to live a healthier life and take care of myself more. That also means, spend more time in the morning deciding what to wear and making myself look good. We all now I’m crazy about makeup and fashion, and I really want to incorporate this more in my daily life. I thought it would be fun to create a post where I put all my fashion inspiration of the past days together. All these people have given my ideas on how to wear certain pieces of clothing that I first didn’t even know what to do with. These photos are helping me re-invent my personal style. Let’s see what I have found during my scroll on the internet.

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OOTD: Going to a Rock Concert


A couple weeks ago I posted an article about the outfit I wore to a hiphop concert (you can find it here). Because I normally go to rock concerts instead, I thought it would be fun to show what my usual concert outfit looks like.

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OOTD: Going to a concert


Last week, my boyfriend and I went to see Khalid live. Some of you may know him, as he’s grown quite popular over the last year. He’s a hiphop artist who writes mostly about breakups, love, and teenage life. I’ve only been to a couple of rock concerts before, where I don’t want to wear my fanciest outfit. Usually I get back home covered in beer and sweat, and not all of that is mine. So, considering I would be going to a much calmer pop concert, I decided I’d pull out my best outfit.

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Outfit Of The Day: Business Casual


Today I have an outfit of the day for you guys. I’m planning to do a lot more outfit posts, because I just love styling outfits. This is the first one of all the upcoming outfits. Take a look!

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My choker collection


Chokers are some of my favourite jewelry. I don’t know why, but I’d rather wear a choker than a longer necklace. Because of that, I have collected quite some nice pieces. Today I’m gonna show you my entire collection.

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